Friday, June 28, 2013

A Reunion of Sorts

Last month Henry graduated from PreK at the CDL and will be starting Kindergarten this fall. The hardest part of the transition thus far has been the separation from his friends. They've been together since Henry was just two-years-old. So, you can imagine how elated he was to have a play date with two of them at the Botanical Gardens on Saturday. If only I could replay their happy screams and giggles!

During their adventures in Never land, they found a calico cat. This poor cat was chased for at least 30 minutes by the Peter Pan mob. Alivia finally caught him near the strawberry patch.

(I wish I could grow Zinnias like this.)

We paused for Party Pics at the fish pond.

And while breaking again on the rocks of another water feature, we noticed the sign posted nearby - "Water Feature is for Viewing Only".


I'm sure this guy has a story or two...


We're already asking about our next play date. Let's make it happen soon!


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