Saturday, April 27, 2013


1. the wildest of all animals. 2. a noise with dirt on it. 3. most precious to their mothers.

God knew what he was doing when he blessed me with boys. I'm not sure I'd know what to do with girls. In fact, I'll never forget the first time I changed Molly's diaper. Wowzers! There were so many cracks and folds, I wasn't sure where to begin! I really and truly had to ask my sister where to start. I'm a girl...I should know these things! And I have yet to get one of Molly's bows to actually stay in her hair. I'm all thumbs when it comes to hair. Which explains why I wear a ponytail a good majority of the time.

But with boys...well, with boys I don't even have to comb their hair. When they're dirty, we just strip them down, throw them in the shower, and hose them off. And diapers are SO much easier...once they get over the automatic sprinkler literally happens the second they hit air. But that's usually over after the first couple of months.

I can hardly wait to take my boys camping and  hiking. Unbekownst to Wade, I have plans to purchase our first family tent this summer. Whether we camp in the backyard, or a nearby park or lake, it doesn't matter...we WILL sleep under the stars this summer. And when they get older, I've got big plans for hiking. There are lots of National Parks to see, and Montana friends to visit. Here we come, Brooke!

I absolutely LOVE our impromptu trips to Lake McMurtry to throw rocks. 

I swear I don't normally dress my boys in socks AND sandals...this was an especially muddy occassion. And with the lake being so low, I thought the extra layer of protection was probably for the best.

Best friends.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Which Came First - the Bunny or the Egg?

The Easter Bunny came on Easter Eve this year. Because Bunny was bringing new pajamas, he thought the boys might like to have their baskets a few hours early. Early enough for a movie night with mom and dad.

Henry has been studying caterpillars and butterflies in his classroom, so when I saw uber soft caterpillar PJ's, I couldn't resist.

Handsome Henry on Easter morning...while he's still clean.

Sam refuses to look at the camera. Especially when his chubby little hands are on the Kindle.

While dishing out dessert in the kitchen, I overhear Henry say to Sam, "Hey Sam! Come with me...I have an idea!" Then they disappear upstairs for 5 - 10 minutes. (cue Jeopardy music)
As we're enjoying our cherry pie, down comes Henry with his sunglasses and electric guitar.
And then comes Sam. With his sunglasses and a new way to play the guitar.

They had at least two songs in their repertoire. What a concert! An unsolicited treat.

After lunch, the troops gallivanted outside to find Easter eggs. Apparently, Bunny hopped through the backyard while we were enjoying lunch and counting our blessings.

His cast didn't slow him down in the least. Sam shimmied right up the climbing wall, one-handed.

This photo was taken seconds before Henry did a mud slide and covered the right side of his pant leg in clay soil. Smart thinking on my part (not) to hide an egg above a mud hole.

It's a good thing Papaw was there to help! We'd still be searching for eggs if it weren't for him.


One of the two cutest bottoms in the world.

After the treasure hunt ended.


After all 32 eggs were found, it was Gator time. The boys have a ritual. They start slow and steady, climbing the backyard hill inch by inch. Then, once they reach the top, they pause. Ready themselves. And begin their rapid descent.

Classic Sam.

We tried flying their kite, but the wind didn't cooperate. Kite flying was short lived on Easter Sunday. 

So we had milk and cookies instead.

No backwash here. Yeah, right.

Barefoot and ready to show Mamaw and Papaw his skills.
Or, not. Notice the baseball in the bottom right corner. And Henry. With his glove still open, and eyes on Dad.

Second attempt. Still no luck. Baseball is still in flight...behind Henry. And Henry, who hasn't moved an inch, is looking down at his glove puzzled as to why the ball didn't land there.

Still about a foot too high. But at least he moved a wee bit.

Henry's coach told him to catch the ball like an alligator clamping down on its prey. Henry's alligator is obviously of enormous proportion.

Papaw saves the day again. We love you, Papaw. We love you too, Mamaw. Thank you for spending your Easter with us.