Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Puss In Boots Birthday

Leave it to Henry to pick an original party theme. Regardless of how much I begged and pleaded for him to go with Batman or another superhero, ANY superhero, Henry was adamant. "Mom," he'd say, "Puss In Boots has claws AND a sword! He's better than any of the superheros!" How could I argue with that?

If you've followed my blog for awhile then you know how important the cake is to Henry at a birthday party. The party rating hinges on the quality and creativity of the cake. So you can imagine my relief when I picked up the cake Saturday morning and discovered the below magic beanstalk.

And me being the party planner that I am (not), I couldn't stop with the cake.
Queso (with miniature swords)

Magic Beans

THE Golden Egg

Milk for Puss In Boots and his gang

Because kittens love milk...and because milk does the body good. And because we seldom have juice.

It was VERY important to Henry that Molly be at his party. I told Henry that because he was turning five, he could invite five friends. Molly was the first "friend" he named. 

Yep, we're all pretty smitten.

For party favors, Henry surprised his guests with Puss In Boots capes and swords. Imagine the volume and craziness of three 5 year-old boys with swords.

Mr. Drew

Pinata time

Everyone got excited when Drew, the power hitter, was up to bat.
All that T-ball practice paid off.

Sam had a couple of turns too. I'm not sure the pinata moved, but he did make contact.
Mr. William

After the pinata and sugar rush, we had a GOLDEN Easter egg hunt.
Henry and William taking inventory on their loot.

Happy Birthday to you, Henry!

Refueling with cake and ice cream

New toys!

They called for reinforcements.

Sam was oblivious to the Three Musketeers. That, or he was planning his escape route in the Gator.

Clearly, one can never have too many dinosaurs.

Molly did the steering, while Sam had his foot on the gas. What a great team!
The incredible Mrs. Hulk
Molly got to meet her abuelo (Grandpa) this week for the first time! He flew in from Guatemala to be here for Molly's first birthday (April 26th). Such a sweet time in each of their lives. In all of our lives.
Hide-And-Seek with Uncle Wade
That's all folks

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