Tuesday, February 24, 2009

He licked the bowl

I made brownies for our Life Group on Monday. Like all brownie baking days, I asked Wade if he wanted to lick the bowl...and maybe share some with Henry.

Finger lickin' good!

Come on dad, one more lick?! PLEASE...

This is a mighty big spoon...

What are you looking at? You laugh like I have something on my face.

Henry was not a happy camper when the bowl was clean. I guess he likes brownies...

Seconds before I got a wet brownie kiss

Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine's Day

Grandma and Ann are both Valentine babies, so we joined the Ward family in Norman for a bit of birthday fun.

Before we left, Henry had to impress us by standing up in his crib.

Grandpa treated everyone to a Birthday/Valentine lunch at Charlestons. Grandpa taught Henry how to color.

I think Grandpa enjoyed coloring more than Henry...

The Birthday girls

The Valentine boy. As Wade told one of his clients last week, "Every day is Valentine's Day with Henry". Now how sweet is that?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun times in Stilly

When we got home from work, Henry and I made camp on the living room floor. We played all evening.

Henry loves being outdoors. It was too cold to go out today, but Henry and I looked out the window and counted trees, birds...you name it, we counted it.

After his bath, Henry practiced the piano.

Mom: "Okay, Henry. This time, smile with your eyes."

Check out those buns! Ruff, ruff!!

Can you see my dimples? Do you think I need a longer robe?

The fun continued the following morning while Henry and I waited for Candice. Henry's favorite book right now is Ten Chuckling Ducklings. Most days, he chooses it over his toys.

"Ten chuckling ducklings, waddling in a line. One made a fun new friend, so that left..."

It's early, but this cowboy is raring to go!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

News Flash

Henry made his crawling debut this morning during GMA. Jane Fonda actually paid off! Henry and I were in the living room watching Good Morning America and having breakfast. I was having a biscuit w/ grape jelly, and Henry thought that looked far better than his rice cereal. He locked in on my biscuit like dad's german short hairs lock in on birds. I could hardly believe my eyes...just to make sure I hadn't imagined it, I moved the biscuit across the living room and watched Henry crawl like a champ straight to it. He then proceeded to enjoy his first biscuit and jelly...well, at least a bite.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crawling practice

One thing the Healthy Steps nurse told us at our last appointment was that Henry should be crawling by now. If she knew Henry, and how laid back he is, I doubt this would have concerned her. Our Henry is in absolutely no rush...I mean, why crawl when you can get everywhere you want to go already? I'm convinced we may skip crawling altogether and go straight to walking.

Henry doing Jane Fonda and working his crawling muscles. The only thing missing - leg warmers, a head band, and high top sneakers. Oh, and big hair...but he's working on that too.

Whew...I can really feel this in my abs! S-t-r-e-t-c-h

More moves with Jane

Yowzers...now that, I can feel!

Henry's Well Child Check & February Birthdays

On January 29, Henry had his nine month Well Child Check with Dr. Wilsey. He was 30.5 inches long (95th percentile), 23 lbs and 5.2 oz (75th percentile), and his little, make that big, head was 19 inches around (95th percentile). We actually left the doctor's office with an appointment the following Monday at Stillwater Medical Center. Dr. Wilsey ordered an ultrasound of Henry's brain! She said there was a .0001% chance anything was wrong, but wanted to rule out all problems (the word "hydrocephalus" was mentioned). Because Henry's head was at 50% when he was born, and had jumped to 95% just nine months later, Dr. Wilsey was concerned not with the size of his head, but with how quickly it had grown. She actually measured my head, and Wade's. Apparently, I have a HUGE head...in the 98th percentile. Wade was well over 90%, so his brain isn't small either. Who knew we were such a big headed family?! We laugh about it now, but we were pretty uptight during the time between our first doctor's appointment (Thursday) and the afternoon the nurse called us with a good ultrasound report (Wednesday). What a week!

Me and my big head make dirt look good

On the 1st, the Shaw's went to Blackwell to celebrate all the Riseling February birthdays - Grandmother Happy, Mom/Grandma, Ann, Creyton and Lily. Did I miss anyone? Henry and Lily gave kisses and read books together...adorable. They're just three months apart...Henry's the biggest, and Lily is the oldest.

Lily and Grandmother Happy

Henry and Aunt Ann

Back at Grandma's house, Grandpa tried to tickle my face to get me to fall asleep. Works everytime.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Henry's 9 month pictures

We were blessed with nice weather (the temp was above 70) for Henry's 9 month pictures. The Botanical Gardens at OSU were busy with activity and Henry was busy watching and learning. We had a hard time getting him to smile, something that almost never happens, but left with some great pictures regardless. To see all of Henry's 9 month pictures, go to www.willisphotography.photostockplus.com.

He's getting excited...hold on to your horses, everyone!

If you're happy and you know it...

A pinecone, eh? I've never seen a pinecone before.

"Mmmm"...if only you could hear the noise he was making. This face makes a frequent appearence during feeding. Especially when its peas or prune night. Or in this case, pinecone night.

Ah, we finally caught a smile.

Mad he forgot he wasn't smiling for pictures today.

To heck with no smiling, I've got seven teeth to show off!