Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Papa’s House

Henry loves going to “Papa’s House”. I don’t think there is a day that goes by he doesn’t talk about going to Papa’s house and throwing rocks in the pond or feeding the fish. Henry hides his Joe’s cup in the barn for collecting rocks on every return trip.

Talking with Grandma about school, the weather, and throwing out every vocabulary word he knows.

And when the cup runs dry, it’s time for round two…collecting and throwing rocks doesn’t stop until the sun goes down.

Boys will be boys

And girls will be girls…had to throw in a few of my rose bush. I’m so proud. My neighbor and her dozens of bushes, each with two dozen blooms, puts me to shame. But I’m pointing the camera…and that’s why you can’t see her roses.

Wade and I (okay, just Wade) have been busy planting hostas and annual begonias in the front flower beds. Anything that will grow in the shade! I select the flowers, point to where I want them, and Wade digs the hole. Poor Wade…I know he’s ready for this pregnancy to be over. I’m usually good for planting about three flowers, then Wade takes over. I no longer bend at the waist. My bending over looks more like a head nod.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Update Numero Dos

We got a good report from the doctor this AM. There were no major concerns, and all minor concerns were ruled out during our hospital visit on Friday. The doctor basically put the ball in our court…he said we could (a) bump up the cesarean, or (b) I could promise to take it easy and try to make it to June 16. I chose option (b). It’s only three more weeks…and in three more weeks, baby will be stronger. Waiting until the 16th means risking an emergency cesarean, but if it’s a cesarean either way, I opted for going as long as possible.

Baby is measuring ahead of schedule, but our doctor assures me this is okay and could be a result of high fluid. It does not necessarily mean I'm going to have a giant. So, great news. Thanks for lifting us up these past few days.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Peanut Update

Peanut is growing at rapid speed and promises mommy with every kick and somersault that he/she will be every bit as big as Henry. I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll make it to our scheduled June 16 cesarean date. I see the doctor on Monday and believe we might be moving it up a few days. My preference is to be AT LEAST 38 weeks, but the doctor will know best.

Reality set in yesterday afternoon when I received a phone call from my doctor’s nurse instructing me to go straight to Labor & Delivery at the hospital. I had been having some strange symptoms (I’ll spare you the details) since last Friday and after one week, finally decided to call the doctor. They sent me straight to the hospital for testing. Everything was A-okay and we’re back at home now, still pregnant, and doing great. We did get to listen to baby’s heart beat for a solid 1.5 hours. Very cool. And very strong. Every time Peanut kicked, it sent the monitor into panic mode. Our baby is strong! In fact, the nurse at one point asked me if I was feeling contractions…she said the monitor showed “irritation”. My response? “Oh, that’s just the baby kicking…when he/she kicks, my entire body moves.”

The hospital also confirmed what I suppose I already knew. Something I’d been told from my doctor more than once. They gently explained that a cesarean was my only option. Unless I want to experience a broken pelvis, or for my babies to be born with broken collar bones, I am destined for cesarean deliveries. I still sometimes struggle with feeling like I’ve failed somehow because of the C-sections, but every second opinion/confirmation is reassuring.

So, to summarize, pregnancy #2 is still going well. We see the doctor on Monday and will soon know more about our future birth date. I’ll keep you posted.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Favorites

Below are some of our favorite shots of Henry's two-year pictures. Enjoy!

Not my favorite picture, but a great shot of my new highlights...which I had planned to get rid of yesterday, but wound up in the hospital instead. More on that later.

Sid - These with the cowboy hat were especially for you!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Ode to Chapman

Henry’s last day at Chapman Childcare was Friday. It was bitter sweet. There were hugs, tears (all mine…Henry didn’t have a clue it was his last day), dancing, and lots of camera cheese. I was able to capture some fun moments of Henry and his closest buddies. The only one missing was Cash…not sure if he missed Friday, or just got to school late that day.

Henry and Mina getting jiggy with it

Hugs with Dominic

Halleigh hugs

Henry making google eyes at Caroline

Neck hugs from Tessa

We will forever be indebted to the Chapman’s for loving and caring for Henry. Chapman welcomed Henry into their family in August 2009, and Henry has been fortunate to have the same teacher, Miss Jenn, and many of the same tots in his class for the past nine months.

Henry and some of his teachers

Now, you’re probably wondering why we’re leaving if we LOVE Chapman so much…well, when I was pregnant with Henry and researching childcare options, I put Henry on the waiting list at the Child Development Lab (CDL) at OSU. I heard it was the best. In April 2010, two and a half years later, we received a phone call from the CDL informing us there was an opening and that Henry was next on the waiting list. Quite honestly, I'd forgotten the CDL even existed. After much prayer and consideration, we decided to enroll Henry. The CDL is within walking distance from the Foundation, we have friends and family that wholeheartedly endorse the program, and again, I hear it’s the best. And what mom wouldn’t want the best for their kiddo? Henry will begin attending the CDL in August, and we have made alternative plans for him in the meantime.

(I have no doubt that every day from now until August, I will wonder if we made the right decision...we will miss you, Chapman.)

But the story gets better...because the CDL includes more holidays and parent-teacher conference days than I have vacation days, in order for Henry to attend, we had to figure out an alternative plan for days the CDL was closed. We knew the ideal situation would be to hire a nanny to care for Peanut at home, which would mean that on days the CDL was closed, Henry could stay at home with his little brother/sister and nanny. But in order for the ideal/dream to become a reality, we had to find the perfect someone(s) to watch our baby. Only days after going public with the news that we were actively searching for a nanny, we were blessed with three college students, all who were looking for nanny jobs and whose collective schedules equal 8 - 5, Monday - Friday. God is good.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Henry!

The Saturday before Henry's 2nd birthday, we invited family to "Henry's House" (Henry now shouts "Henry's House" every time we pull into the driveway) to help us celebrate.

Our wonderful and talented pal, Chrissy Supremeaux, made Henry a one-of-a-kind Nemo cake. Henry LOVED his cake and carried Nemo around on a plate the entire evening after his party was over. He even shared his green beans with Nemo at dinner. When we brought out the cake, Henry planted a big kiss on Nemo's head and covered his face in blue icing. Our boy loves Nemo.

Henry is very good at sharing and passed out "Nemo bites" to the whole family.

One bite for Grandma...

One bite for Henry...

Oh happy day!

"Mom! Quit taking pictures and dig in!"

As far as gifts went, Henry made out like a bandit. His very first tricycle, wooden train, new puzzles and books, pirate ship, and bowling pins!

Nemo kisses before bed. Tomorrow, Henry will be two!