Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Cowboy's Stadium!

Every morning and every afternoon on our way to and from school, I drive Henry past the OSU football stadium. And every time we pass it, Henry yells at the top of his lungs, "Mommy, look! The Cowboy's stadium!"

Yesterday was Henry's lucky day. Our friend Rebecca called with two extra tickets to the OSU vs. Tulsa 6:00 game. Wade had been battling the flu all week, so opted to enjoy the peace and quiet of home...or, at least this is what he tells me...I'm thinking part of him may have also wanted to watch the second half of the OU game. But this meant I got to have a special date with Henry! Minus the sizzling heat, we had a WONDERFUL time. Henry enjoyed every minute of it and especially liked seeing Bullet run onto the field after every touchdown. It was Henry's first OSU football game, but I'm certain it won't be his last.

Some stranger sitting in front of us offered to lift Henry up so I could get a better picture...I didn't have the heart to tell him I wasn't aiming for the sky.

Biting his lip in anticipation...when would Bullet gallop onto the field again?

Drenched in sweat, but enjoying every minute of our special evening together

This, that and the other

Showing mommy his big blue eyes...still blue at three months...wondering if Sam will have eyes like his big brother...

The red light on the camera was hypnotizing

Just me and my cheeks...chillaxin in my Bumbo

Daddy offers some assistance

All on his own

Books before bed (I just love how Henry has his hand on Wade's cheek)

And after books, we swaddle

Sam loves to watch the ceiling fan in our bedroom...and we love watching him watch the ceiling fan. We lay there for quite awhile...just talking about our day and smiling and cooing.

Happy 3 month birthday, Samuel...we love you more than the whole outside, deeper than the ocean, taller than the mountains.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Some highlights since our 10 weeks birthday...

Our friend Becky gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Sophia Ann - Sam's future prom date. Sam is two months older than Miss Sophi, and twice as large. Truly, Sam was an entire three pounds heavier at birth! My little (or not) dudes are born looking like most two month olds.

Sam and Sophi...and their proud mamas.

Oh, I almost forgot...I chopped off my hair, another highlight. Don't pass too many judgments based on the picture above. This was taken preshower. It's what I like to call the roll-out-of-bed look.

Sam and his other lady friend, Addison.

Moments after Addison found out Sam had been visiting his other girlfriend, Sophi.

Working it out

Ah, friends again

The big brothers duking it out...fighting over whose baby sis/bro is better.

Going for the jugular

Finally, Andrew and Henry came to the conclusion that both of their babies were equally as precious. it just me, or does Sam look freakishly white when lying next to Henry?

A small disclaimer - the Shaw family does not condone, nor do we promote newborns sleeping with their big brothers. After photo op, Sam was immediately removed from adult bed and placed in bassinet.

Although Sam may have dwarfed Sophi, Mickey returns the favor later that same day.

Proof that I returned Sam to his basket. You may note that Sam's hairline continues to recede, sans his Mohawk.

The biggest highlight of every day is simply this - spending quality time with my fellas.

Don't mention this one to Wade.

Like father, like son

Waiting for Papaw and Mamaw...Henry was expecting them any time now

Since starting his new "school", Henry has missed seeing his best friend, Caroline. Caroline and Henry have been together since Henry's first day at Chapman last August. Now, sadly, they are at different schools and missing each other terribly. Henry was invited to Caroline's birthday party (I think we were the only ones there that weren't family) and from the moment we walked in the door, they were glued to each other. The minute they saw each other, they ran to one another, hugged, screamed, jumped up and down, every head in the building turned to watch. It was quite a sight. Precious and heart breaking all at the same time.

A table for two

"Now how can we sneak Caroline into my new school?"

We think he's an emotional eater

Other highlights include Labor Day weekend. We had a busy three days and were only home long enough to sleep and get ready for the next adventure...and every outing is an adventure with a two year old and two month old. I now need another extended weekend to recoup. We spent all day on Saturday with Mamaw and Papaw. We got to pet Papaw's new baby donkey (and the whole herd of grown donkeys), count cows, go for a ride on the four wheeler (a very slow ride), and enjoyed the cooler temps on the back porch swing. Sam and I rocked away and would have been content swinging all afternoon. We also mulled through old Shaw family photos...I now have blackmail on Wade to last a lifetime...and will make a note to hide all Ward family photos to prevent him from doing the same. It was a good day.

On Sunday, we spent the day at Grandma and Papa's in Blackwell. Henry and Sam also went into town to give Grandmother Happy and Papa Bo hugs and kisses. Henry took a dip in Grandmother Happy's frigid pool (so glad Papa and Omar agreed to swim with him...but of course that was prior to knowing the water temperature), and Sam enjoyed the air conditioning inside and visiting with aunt Linda and the Houghton clan. Nothing is better than family. Later that day, Great Grandmother Shirley came from OKC.

The magic touch

Go, Dog. Go!

Just a short ten minute walk from my parent's back porch is a toddler's dream and one of the coolest forts on the face of the earth. And we are so thankful for generous neighbors, who have invited us to play anytime we're in town.

The rock wall was no challenge for Henry. He didn't hesitate for a second and immediately began scaling the fortress.

Poor's so sad that no one loves him (insert sarcasm). He's got four grand parents wrapped around four little fingers.

12 weeks and growing

Smiling for daddy

Friday, September 3, 2010

My Rolly Polly Bug

Sam hit a milestone this AM. I caught him rolling from his back to his tummy! I think he was trying to escape from his big brother...Henry was after him with sticky strawberry jam fingers.

Pictures to post work now, but had to share our milestone news!