Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sam's First Shiner

As terrible as I felt for Sam and his eye, it's really a miracle this was our family's first shiner. We have a brick fireplace, two boys who love to wrestle around the brick fireplace, and a father/husband who encourages it...and often times partakes in the wrestling himself. (And I love that he does.)

So, like I said, it's a MIRACLE this is our first black-eye.

Rocky Balboa in diapers.

While his eye was swollen shut after the 'fireplace meets head' incident, by bath-time that evening, the swelling had started to recede and Sam could see again.

Grandma's - You'll be relieved to know that one week later, all that remains is an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny scab on his forehead. Not a single stitch was required. In fact, I think Sam was actually quite proud of his eye. Henry thought it was quite funny.

And we've been careful not to draw too much attention to it...afraid Sam might enjoy the attention too much and try the stunt again.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Independence Day Part II: Fireworks

In sticking with tradition, the family gathered on my mom and dad's back porch for dinner and fireworks. This year our fireworks display was pretty weak compared to past consisted mainly of sparklers and party poppers. Well, that and a rooster that was supposed to cock-a-doodle-doo when you lit it, and two rockets. The rooster was a dud and the rockets flew horizontal rather than vertical. The best part of the show was watching my dad dodge the flaming rocket.

Molly, sitting on Grandma's lap, ready for the show

Can you say PERSONALITY?! I think she was disappointed her mom wouldn't let her play with sparklers.

There's only one thing I love more than watching Molly's expressions - watching my sister, completely and totally in love with her baby girl.

Reid, and his lucky boot

Let the sparkler show begin!

It's so much fun to watch the boys' personalities come alive. Henry, our more shy, timid spirit, is always cautious and likes to play it safe. Sam, our fearless snuggle bug, can't wait to get his hands on all things new. Anything he sees the older boys doing, he wants to do too.

Taking a drive around the pond in Papa's golf cart

Preparing to light the first rocket. After the first, smaller rocket decided to take a detour and fly horizontal, at eye level, Henry told us that Sam could light the larger rocket. :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Independence Day Part I: Happy's Pond

We spent the 4th like we do most years - in Grandmother Happy and Papa Bo's swimming hole. Since Henry was old enough to speak, he has referred to their swimming pool as "Happy's pond" and expects us to frequent her pond as often as humanly possible.

We beat Grandma and Papa to Blackwell Tuesday evening and killed time on the front porch admiring their flowers and counting rolly pollies. Well, we counted and Sam actually ate some.

Patiently waiting for Papa to pull into the drive.

Miss Molly showed her patriotism in red and white stripes on the 4th.

A morning catnap on mommy's shoulder.

Grandma's turn...which means I'm next. FINALLY.

While we took turns snuggling with Molly, Sam entertained himself in his crib...with my iPhone.

Putting on her swimming suit for the first time.

Such a doll! Aunt Susan brought Molly a suit all the way from Hawaii. Aloha!

Aunt Susan, admiring her purchase and our Hawaiian princess.

I LOVE this face!

Aw shucks! Now I have two miniatures to compete with - Sam AND Molly. Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms! Or, in Sam's case, rolly pollies.

Henry couldn't stay upset for long...Molly is irresistible.

In love with his baby cousin

No outfit is complete until you accessorize!

After one round in Happy's pond, Sam was pooped. He collapsed on Papa Bo's bed...and didn't move a muscle for hours.

Sam wasn't the only one snoozing...check out how Papa Bo keeps one eye closed, while his other eye stays glued to the golf game. Such talent!

Preparing to take her first dip. Look at that face...she was eyeing the water and psyching herself up.

But fear overcame her.

And mom knows the only way to overcome fear, is to face it.

Not so bad, eh Molly?

The Rosales Family

The Rosales Family. Flexing.

MY cousin Mollie, and her beau, Casey.

If only there were words.

Sam finally woke up and cuddled with Grandmother Shirley

And of course, when Sam wakes up, Henry finally falls asleep. Just my luck.