Monday, July 9, 2012

A Herrill Farewell

Be bid our good friends, the Herrill's, farewell this month as they packed their bags and headed to Jayhawk country. We first met the Herrill's when we attended our first Life Group at Sunnybrook. Our group started with just three couples and two fearless leaders, Paul and Linda. As we circled the room that first night making introductions, I shared that Wade and I were newly weds and that we were expecting our first baby a few months following our one-year anniversary. When I passed the torch to Kristin, we learned that she and Matt were expecting their first baby the same month we were expecting Henry. An answer to prayer. FINALLY, someone I could go to (in person) for all of my
"Is THIS normal?!?" pregnancy questions.

Andrew was born just days before Henry. And Kristin and Matt's second baby, Addison, just days before Sam. Needless to say, all of the embarrassing and weird pregnancy questions soon morphed into mommy questions. We compared notes, tears, encouragement and life.

We couldn't be happier for Matt, or more excited for him as he follows his dream. Although we do hope his career brings their family back to Stillwater someday.

To give Kristin and Matt some much needed packing time, we invited their kiddos over for some sprinkler fun and a bon voyage play date. It was a toddler's perfect evening - friends, fresh air, sprinklers, popsicles and Chick-fil-A nuggets.

This boy can put away the nuggets! Wade brought home 20 chicken nuggets and between the four tots, all 20 were devoured...I think Andrew put away ten all by himself.

So happy to have his friend, Andrew, by his side.

Sweet Addison, who held her own with the three hoodlum boys

What is it about being two that makes them smile this way?

Andrew, showing us his muscles

Sam was determined to make this evening a date. He even offered Addison a ride in his John Deer jeep. Quite the charmer.

They didn't get far before Daddy caught them.

Snuggles and farewell bugs

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