Monday, July 2, 2012

Why I Blog

My first blog followed our first ultrasound when we were pregnant with Henry. I had college friends who blogged and I enjoyed using their blogs as a means to stay updated on their growing families and life in general. When I learned my in-laws would be out-of-state for 5+ months following Henry's birth, I thought a blog might be the most efficient way to keep them posted on all of Henry's milestones. And an easy way to share pictures with extended family. Never did I dream I'd still be writing and sharing pictures more than four years later.

But then, when I started blogging, I'd never heard of A fabulous online service that converts your blog into a book. Yes, really. It effortlessly converts your blog into a quality hard cover book. You pick which blogs/dates to include, you rearrange and resize the photos, and like magic, all of your writings are published. For more tips and tricks I've learned using Blurb, message me!

Blurb has been a godsend. Especially considering Henry's baby book has all of two pages filled out and I have yet to crack the binding of Sam's. But thanks to blogging and Blurb (seriously, where did they come up with these names?!?), although I've failed miserably at recording milestones in baby books, I've knocked family albums out of the park.

Beginning with the year Henry was born, we have a volume for every year.

Sweet Saturday morning memories I hope to never forget. I blog, post, and later convert to a 2012 family that someday I can relive memories like this.

Some of Henry's favorite 2012 compadres.

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grace said...

Thank you for sharing! I need to make our "house remodel" book and I think you just made my life A LOT easier!!!