Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To smile or not to smile...

that is the question. And check out those cheeks!

This AM

My baby is 10 weeks old today. How is that possible?!

On your 10 week birthday

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Boys will be boys

Sam and I gallivanted to Norman to visit Aunt Ann earlier this month. It was Sam's first trip to Aunt Ann's, but certainly not his last. (He's looking forward to visiting his Aunt Carolina in Houston someday too...perhaps after you get settled and are up for visitors.)

Henry's first outing with Aunt Ann nearly two years ago. Can you see the resemblance?

We broke in the double stroller last week and took several walks around the block. After one of our walks, Henry decided he would collect some dirt, which he then decided to "share with Baby Sam". While I had my back turned, Henry proceeded to empty handfuls of dirt onto Sam and rub it in. Ah, such is my life in a house full of boys. Check out the grit around Sam's mouth after playing with big brother.

Henry was so proud of sharing dirt with his baby brother

All cleaned up

Rub a Dub, Dub...

Baby Sam is in the tub!

As many of you know by now, we had to wait until Sam was over 1 month old to give him a proper bath thanks to his stubborn umbilical cord. But his first bath experience was well worth the wait. Like his brother, Sam is a fish. Loves the water. Never whimpered or let out a peep. Just grinned and enjoyed the warm water. Even liked getting his head wet. That's my boy!

Our chunky monkey enjoying his first bath

Lots of creases to scrub between

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

He's a Lego maniac

The tower of terror...made especially for you, Papa.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos (yesterday)

Happy 2 month birthday, Baby Sam! And what did Mommy get to do the day Sam turned 2 months old? Well, I'll tell you...return to work. Surprisingly, I wasn't dreading going back. We have exceptional care planned for Sam (thank you Jessica, Katie, and Ashley), and I was ready for some adult time. Not that I don't love cooing with Sam all day, but I was eager to get back into a routine. That doubt I will be thinking about Sam (and Henry) every moment of the day while I'm away.

To commemorate the colic days

Thursday, August 12, 2010

In all his glory

At six weeks, Sam and I braved the highway and took our first solo outing to Tulsa. We visited our friend Carissa, who took Sam's newborn pictures...we love them! Thanks, Carissa, for treating us to a session and fabulous memories.

My two favorites

My favorites will soon be hanging above Sam's crib, which will FINALLY complete his nursery. But I can't decide whether to print in color or B&W...let me know what you think!

But then, how do you pick just two...

Already working the camera

Gazing at me, he must be thinking "are we about done?" Poor fella put up quite a fight for awhile...he slept the entire way home.

Sam, smiling after he finally lost his umbilical cord. Carissa - Have you found it yet?

Just big boned

Thanks again, Carissa, for the perfect baby gift. And I couldn't be more excited to use Sam as an excuse to see you every three months for more great pics!

To check out more amazing pictures by my beautiful and talented friend, go to

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cookie Monster

Thanks for the cookies, Mary! They were yummy!

"This here is a mighty good cookie!"

And then there were four...

Kristin and I thought it was high time the men join the play date fun. So, the four adults and four kiddos got together for looked like a tornado swept through our living room. It was loud, reckless, and absolute pandemonium. And we're just crazy enough to actually try it again. Thanks for a night of fun, Herrills!

Sam had had just about enough fun for one evening

Big brother kisses

Love birds

Our sweet angels

July Continued...

I asked Henry if he wanted to sleep with Pooh Bear or Micky Mouse. He replied, "No, I sleep with fishing pole", the fishing pole it was.

Aunt Ann let Henry crawl onto the top bunk (fully supervised). Too bad Ann had her eyes Henry's expression in this picture.

Mom and Ann came to visit during Krazy Days so we decided to brave the heat and look for bargains. We found very few, but almost made out with a new cat from the Beadery . Apparently, this cat decided he'd take a stroll with Sam downtown. Good thing for Wade that we discovered the cat before packing up the stroller. Although I'm sure Henry would have loved a new kitty...someday...right, Honey?!

We girls (plus Sam...and minus one black cat) returned home to find the men sleeping. Wade was snoozing in the bedroom and Henry had passed out on Papa. Quite a sight. All that shopping must have worn them out.

Sponge bath #2

Toot, Toot! Seriously, you have no idea how fitting this onsie is for Sam.

Our handsome little guy is seven weeks old today!

Mom! Quit taking pictures and PICK ME UP!!