Thursday, June 21, 2018

Lamar Valley, Trout Lake Trail and the Upper and Lower Falls

We decided to try our luck finding wolves in Lamar Valley early in the week so that if we missed them, we'd have more days to try again. Sadly, we never saw wolves this trip, but what we did see were buffalo, more buffalo, black bear, grizzly bear and breathtaking panoramic views.

I'm not sure how, but we took a wrong turn on our way to Lamar Valley. I've never been happier to be detoured. When we stopped to turn around, we caught this momma black bear eating breakfast and waiting on her three cubs to come down from the tree above.

Lamar Valley



My little buffalo


We couldn't make it around the entire trail loop due to mud, but even the out and back was worth the stop. The lake was serene and the wildflowers beautiful. We also ran into this critter on our way to the lake.

Trout Lake

More views from the trail

Enjoying a post-hike snack before hitting the road again.

More from Lamar Valley heading back toward the Tower-Roosevelt junction.

Tower Fall



Our first grizzly bear. You have to look closely to see him...about 2 cm left from the center, just below the tree line. Unfortunately, when we came upon Mr. Grizzly, I didn't have my zoom lens and this was the best I could do with the lens in hand.

Walking around the tree and soon, over the hill and out of sight.

The Yellowstone River









Back in Paradise. Enjoying our evening on the porch, gazing at the sunset.