Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kansas City

Henry experienced his second road trip this past weekend. The Ward girls gallivanted to Kansas City for two days for some much needed rest and relaxation. Best buy of the weekend was a cowboy hat for Henry, which he enjoyed sporting around the hotel room.

While kicking back in our room, Henry also worked on those stubborn upper teeth.

A night on the town with Annie

The three amigos

And while Henry may appear the largest/oldest of the bunch, Andrew has him beat by 15 days.

More fun with Henry's new hat

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cereal - yum, yum!

Henry was finally able to experience his first bowl of cereal. He is eating like a champ...unless daddy is in the room. Then, Henry is much too busy watching Wade to bother with cereal. We started with adding cereal to his bottle and using "fast flow" nipples. Once we did this, the "slow flow" nipples quickly became a thing of the past. Henry much prefers chugging to sipping formula. Feeding time is messy! Sort of reminds us of our reflux days.

Our first cereal and spoon

After our cereal, we had a much needed bath

Another play date w/ Andrew

We're slowly growing into our high-chair

And finally, a second play date w/ our good friend, Sara, who came to stay with us Sunday night.