Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Last weekend we discovered a new favorite Wildlife Park - Tanganyika. It was amazing! We still love our OKC Zoo, but enjoyed the change of scenery and hands-on experience at Tanganyika. For a little boy with a heightened sense of touch, it was THE best experience. And what little boy wouldn't love this park?!

We got to touch/pet everything from snakes to kangaroos to giraffes...and even got to feed a rhino!

Don't you worry. My father may be a Sooner, but Henry and Sam are Cowboys through and through.

Is Your Mama a Llama?

These tortoises moved as fast as hares when lettuce was nearby.

Henry was all smiles, but this Momma Bear was scared her baby might loose a finger!

Can you tell he loves his Papa?


"Look at me, Mom! No hands!"

They've even trained their camel to smile for pictures.

What very well may be the ugliest ferret I've ever laid eyes on.

Get ready, folks...

I was expecting the "cage" to be a little more like a cage, and the bars a little closer together. There was absolutely nothing between Sam and Mr. Rhino...who we learned was named 'Henry'. Our Henry thought that was "SO COOL!"

Ever wonder what the inside of a rhino's mouth looks like? Well, now you know.

Sam would have curled up next to this little guy if we had let him.

The closest I've ever been to a white tiger...or any tiger for that matter. I was in love.

Lemur Island

We had strict instructions not to pet the lemurs...we were told they would jump all over us, but we were not to reach for them. Do you have any idea how hard this was for Sam, who likes to touch and feel EVERYTHING?! Thankfully, we (again) made it off the island with all our fingers.

Sam's grin says it all.

An albino American alligator.

Here kitty, kitty...

Sam - The Giraffe Whisperer.
I'm not sure if this particular giraffe thought Sam had food, or was just passing out free kisses?

It was a wonderful day and we'll definitely visit again soon!