Thursday, July 24, 2014

4th of July

On the way to Papa's to celebrate Independence Day, we passed through Radiator Springs for a photo op. The boys were overjoyed and beyond excited which made for an interesting drive to Blackwell...a trip we made immediately following our pit stop in Ornament Valley. Aye Yai Yai that was a long hour. But seeing the grins on their faces made it completely worth it.


Sam wasn't happy about pausing for pictures. His expression says it all.

Thankfully, he got over it.

When we finally got to Blackwell (what was only an hour drive, felt like five), Cousin Craig helped the boys extinguish some of their energy. They were in heaven...they LOVE Craig. But then, who doesn't?!

Feeding the fish and waiting for the sun to go down.
Aunt Susan...doing her thang.

Never mind that I've told him a bazillion times (at least) not to jump across the creek.

We're getting close!
This is our cue to begin gathering around the fire pit...let more games begin!
Almost fireworks time!




Blowing kisses.

Not only did Uncle Larry exceed expectations with a personal fireworks show, but from our backyard we were able to watch Blackwell, Tonkawa and Ponca City shows. And all the country light displays in between.

S'mores. Mmm, good.

We were blessed with THE perfect weather. The cooler temps actually required jackets and blankets. IN JULY.

The morning after. Just Papa and the grandkids feeding fish and throwing rocks.

Our Three Musketeers. Love each of them so much.

The End.
(We missed you was a wonderful 4th. The Riseling men played golf that morning, we swam all afternoon, I made your potato salad and Ann made your baked beans...Uncle Larry lit up the sky with fireworks, we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores...the only thing missing was you.)

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Loving Life by Leesa said...

Love this & your sweet, sweet family! The three musketeer pics were perfect! You could almost hear the laughter through the screen.