Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sam!

I'm not sure how it's possible that my baby is FOUR!?! Time sure flies when you're wrangling Sam.

There isn't much that excites Sam more than airplanes right now, so for his birthday I ordered him his very own, Sam embroidered, fighter pilot's costume. You'd have thought we gave him the moon.

Flexing his pilot muscles.

And on Saturday, an intimate airplane birthday party.

Our friendly neighbors, Henry K. and Yixin.

And one of Henry's best buddies, Drew. They are all smiles when they're together.

Handsome Hudson. Who likes to stick out his tongue.

There's that tongue, again.

And, again.

And no Shaw birthday is complete without our Molly! She's got her Aunt Michal wrapped around her cute little finger.

Omar...Molly wants a kitty. She NEEDS a kitty.

Forget your allergies. Get a cat...or, send Molly to Aunt Michal's more often so she can play with my kittens. That would work, too.

What birthday party success looks like.

I love you sweet boy. Taller than the mountains, deeper than the ocean.


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