Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Peanut's blog debut

Peanut at 9 and a half weeks. (Doctor is measuring from top of head to rump...head is pointed down.)

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, it's been FOREVER since I last updated you on Henry and family. I do, however, have a good excuse. You see, I've been nauseous, very fatigued, and needing every extra "Z" I can catch in the evenings. Come to find out, Henry is going to be a big brother! "Peanut" is 9 weeks old, growing, and developing just perfectly. We had our first ultrasound yesterday and saw Baby Shaw's rapid heart beat and her little arms and legs dancing around like crazy. (Wade insists we refer to Peanut as a "her"...he's crossing his fingers for a girl and thinks this will increase our chances. I, on the other hand, don't feel strongly one way or the other. Always wanted one of each sex, but I LOVE my baby boy...have all the baby boy clothes, which I'd love to break out of the storage bins and use again...)

Since learning we were pregnant (OSU Homecoming week), Henry has been up to A LOT. We visited a pumpkin patch in Perkins, OK, Halloween has come and gone, Henry was serenaded at an OSU tailgate, Henry reached the 18 month milestone, and we've enjoyed the last warm days of fall.

Now how do you suppose I'm going to get this heavy pumpkin in mommy's car?

Perhaps I can roll it...

Now these are more my size!

Whew, this is hard work. Think I'll rest here a bit and let mom do the work.

Once he finally decided on a pumpkin, Henry wasn't letting it out of sight! He held tight until we got home and found the perfect spot for his new pumpkin - on his picnic table in the backyard.

Our little spider at Sunnybrook's Harvest Carnival. Henry LOVED the moon bounce. He was technically too small (when has Henry ever been too small), but they let him and other kiddos his size on for a few minutes. It was hilarious. Someone would jump and Henry's eyes would get huge...then he'd fall down, get up, and brace himself for the next jump.

Fishing for buried treasure. Who knew the packing peanuts would turn out to be the treasure for Henry. Now I know what to get him for Christmas!

Our friends, Mike and Anne Greenwood, invited us to join them at their tailgate prior to an OSU football game. Henry had great time...he was the center of attention.

He made funny faces and tried out every chair in the tent.

Mike and Anne are some of the Cowboy Marching Band's biggest supporters and were serenaded with OSU fight songs before the big game. Henry boogied and clapped after every song.

Soaking up every last ounce of sun before winter arrives, we all enjoyed lunch on the back patio after church.

A typical Henry lunch - fish sticks, macaroni and cheese, and bananas.

Even Deuter escaped to enjoy the weather. (Yes, my 18-year-old cat is STILL alive.)