Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Month Milestone

Naked Sam on his 1 month birthday

(Will do my best to play blog catch up this week! We've been so busy with two that any spare time...ha, ha...has been spent trying to catch much needed sleep.)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Independence Day Continued

Some friends stopped by during the 4th to meet Sam. Too bad Henry was napping and missed Addy...they are going to make a fine couple someday.

I swear Sam's skin really isn't purple

Not quite sure what to think about Sam...

Check out those baby blues!

I don't think God makes them much cuter than this

Thanks for stopping by to meet Sam and say hello! We love you and look forward to our next KC visit!

Independence Day

We spent the 4th in Blackwell, enjoying the rain, cooler weather, and family.

Sleeping through Uncle Larry's fireworks

While Sam was catching Zzzz's, Henry was outside being ornery

Henry with Uncle Omar

Uncle Larry's display

Still sleeping...

The newly weds

One last nap with Papa before we head home

Our week with Grandma Ward

My mom came to help the week Wade went back to work...what a blessing. Henry was so excited to wake up every morning next to Grandma, who usually started on the top bunk, but by morning could always be found next to him. Henry was battling a cold (so was Grandma), and thankfully Grandma was there to help provide some extra TLC. And during the mornings, while I nursed Sam, Grandma spent lots of time in the kitchen making dinners we could freeze for later. (We're having your chicken spaghetti tonight, Grandma!)

Having my mom stay with us for several days was wonderful and I don't know how I would have made it through Week 3 without her.

Pictures from our week with Grandma:


Sam...I could squeeze your head like a grape!

Grandma learned how to download Mickey Mouse clips on her new phone. A BIG hit with Henry.

Squeaky clean

Check out Henry posing for the camera...very GQ

Sam on his first walk

Sam's favorite sleeping position

Our very advanced Sam, waving at the camera

Sunday, July 11, 2010

She's got the touch

My personal rendition of "The Look". This song immediately came to mind when I set eyes on these pictures. Thanks for your magic touch, Jana, and for stopping by to meet Sam on a Sunday afternoon. Oh, and Henry LOVES his jumbo Lego's...almost as much as Wade does.

She's got the touch (she's got the touch)
She's got the touch (she's got the touch)

And I go la la la la la
She's got the touch

Na na na na na......
She's got the touch

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grandpa and Grandma Shaw

A fun evening with Grandpa and Grandma Shaw. (Sid - Henry is ready for another wrestling match soon!)

Thank you for treating us to dinner and for the blessing you are to our family! We love you.

It's a wonderful life

The loves of my life.

(Sam's not quite in to reading yet...Sam's favorite activity is sleeping.)

Check out those cheeks!

Kisses from big brother

Nothing beats the special time we've had these past three weeks with Henry and Sam. I wish I could freeze maternity leave and make it last forever. My goal the next six weeks until I return to work is to soak up every moment.