Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our week with Grandma Ward

My mom came to help the week Wade went back to work...what a blessing. Henry was so excited to wake up every morning next to Grandma, who usually started on the top bunk, but by morning could always be found next to him. Henry was battling a cold (so was Grandma), and thankfully Grandma was there to help provide some extra TLC. And during the mornings, while I nursed Sam, Grandma spent lots of time in the kitchen making dinners we could freeze for later. (We're having your chicken spaghetti tonight, Grandma!)

Having my mom stay with us for several days was wonderful and I don't know how I would have made it through Week 3 without her.

Pictures from our week with Grandma:


Sam...I could squeeze your head like a grape!

Grandma learned how to download Mickey Mouse clips on her new phone. A BIG hit with Henry.

Squeaky clean

Check out Henry posing for the camera...very GQ

Sam on his first walk

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