Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Feliz Navidad - Part 1

We kicked off Christmas Tuesday night with our Sunnybrook Life Group. The entire clan, even some ex-life groupers, got together for a Christmas party at our house. We were surrounded by good eats, three toddlers, merriment, and lots of love.

Henry and one of his best bud's, Andrew. Only 15 days apart, they're like two peas in a pod.

Before they could sit...both nearly one month old. My how they've grown!

Slightly older and more round. From left to right, Henry, Esther, and Andrew. Esther is another life group buddy...we were sorry we missed her for the sofa party pics on Tuesday.

And just as our party was wrapping up, Uncle Garland, Tia Carolina, and Cousin Ricky were pulling in to Mamaw and Papaw's drive in Cushing.

Wednesday morning, bright and early, we high-tailed it (the road was still dry and void of any snow at this point) to Cushing to smother Cousin Ricky with lots of hugs and lovins. We spent all of Wednesday relaxing at the Shaw ranch...Henry talked to the donkeys, made friends with the cows (this was prior to eating cow at Steer Inn), and wrestled with his Uncle Garland. Then, Wednesday evening, the Shaw family came to our home for dinner. Last year I served Italian...this year it was Mexican. It was only after the chicken enchiladas were served that I discovered Uncle Garland and Cousin Ricky dislike Mexican food. Shoot. Better stick with Italian.

I always enjoy cooking for family and friends during special occasions. I pull out the china (or sometimes paper plates) and long folding table...our kitchen table only seats four. We had 30+ in our home for Henry's 1st birthday party. I had to learn the hard way that our house wasn't built to hold that many people. Thank goodness for nice weather April 25, 2009. But my motto has always been "the more the merrier"...I grew up with BIG Riseling family reunions, BIG Thanksgivings, and even BIGGER Christmas gatherings.

Thursday morning we got up and again, high-tailed it to Mamaw and Papaw's house. Only after we got to Cushing did the sky start spitting sleet, which later turned to snow, and then later into what Channel 5 called a "blizzard". Not sure about a good friend, Brooke, in Montana might laugh at our definition of blizzard. She would, however, agree that ice storms have most definitely made appearances (anyone else recall January 13, 2007).

We stayed warm and dry, opened gifts, and had a tremendous Christmas Eve feast. Then, as the clock struck 6:30, we decided to brave the "blizzard" and make our way home. The 25 minute drive back to Stillwater slowly, inch by inch, became a 1 hour and 30 minute drive. My husband is a stud on the road...never slid more than a foot or two...there were times we had to stop the vehicle completely because we couldn't see the road in front of us. I know, we're pretty bright people for attempting to drive in this stuff...but we were determined to make it back to Stillwater regardless of how long it took. We had blankets, warm coats, hats, gloves, a full tank of gas, and like I said...took it an inch at a time. And by golly, we made it. Praise Jesus for four wheel drive. The most difficult part of the trip was getting up our driveway. It took several attempts, but Wade got us home and parked in one piece.

To be continued...

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to share from the Shaw Ranch...silly mom (that would be me) forgot her camera. If I get copies from Uncle Garland, I'll be sure to post later.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oodles of Noodles

One of Henry's all time favorite dishes is spaghetti. This happens to be my least favorite to clean up...he gets it EVERYWHERE. I'm not even sure he enjoys eating it that much...I think he gets excited on spaghetti nights just because he has oodles of noodles to decorate our kitchen floor. Needless to say, the shirt comes off pre-spaghetti dinners.

Some other things Henry enjoys at 19 months...

Putting lotion in his hair after baths

Reading books with Grandma

Helping Daddy with outdoor chores

Watching Mickey Mouse in the morning while Mommy puts on his shoes and socks...Mickey is the ONLY thing that he'll sit still for...and this is the only time we watch T.V. Well...Mickey in the mornings and football on Saturdays. Henry cheers, "Go Cowboys" every time Wade has a game on...doesn't matter who's playing.

Oops! Five minutes of Mickey window for shoes and socks...gone.

And one of his newest and most favorite past times...pulling out Mommy's shoes and sporting them around the house.

It's finally happened...

Henry has enough hair to wear a bath time mohawk.

Henry's hair is growing taller and taller in the tub. In fact, it's almost time for us to visit Stephanie again (Stephanie cuts Henry's hair).

Funny thing is...while we're celebrating that Henry's hair has finally decided to grow, I got 8 inches cut off mine on Friday. That's right boys and girls...8 inches. I feel like a bobble head doll. No more 20 minutes to wash and blow dry. I'm a new woman with extra time on her hands. Who knows, family...maybe you'll see more frequent blog postings in the morning?