Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Moosical Day

Thank you, Pinterest, for the fun, inexpensive table decor ideas. Pinterest is my new best friend.

Henry was all smiles when I revealed the giant moose I'd been hiding for PIN THE TAIL ON THE MOOSE.

And thank you, Judy Williams, for your delicious carmel popcorn recipe. It made TO DIE FOR Moose Munch.

Let us not forget the inspiration behind the moose party, Mr. Rudolph. In the flesh.

When I asked Henry last month what kind of birthday party he'd like to have, without hesitation he replied, "A Rudolph Party!" Like my obsession with Pinterest, Henry has an obsession with his stuffed moose, which he has been calling 'Rudolph' since Christmas.

Hoping he would forget about a Rudolph party, a few weeks later I asked him again, "Henry, what kind of birthday party would you like to have?!" And again, without pause, he screamed, "Mommy, I told you! A Rudolph party!" So there you have it.

I spent the next two weeks trying to promote Superheros, Toy Story, Spiderman, but he was relentless. It had to be Rudolph the Moose.

Before our guests arrived, six moose retreated to the trees to stake out hiding places for a game of FIND THE MOOSE later that morning. Fortunately for our friends, each moose party favor was found.

Evidence that a certain birthday boy dug into the peanut butter moose sandwiches prior to the party.

I'm convinced I have the most talented friends. Not only did my pal Chrissy play the piano beautifully at our wedding reception, but for the past five years, she has also showered us with AMAZING cakes. First at Henry's baby shower, then at each one of his birthdays - 1, 2, 3 and now 4.

A walk down memory lane...

And 4th Birthday!

I think Henry was most excited about his cake. He literally jumped up and down when he saw the giant frosted moose.

He even wanted to give his Rudolph cake a hug.

Notice the chin print.

The birthday spread.

PIN THE TAIL ON THE MOOSE. The cartoon moose on a 30x30 foam board was more entertaining than the actual game. Henry was first up. I explained the game, blindfolded Henry and spun him around four times (one for each year). He then proceeded to take off the blindfold, walk right up to the moose and pin his tail in precisely the spot his tail should go. With 100% accuracy. Sigh. Andrew wanted to go next. But he didn't want to be blindfolded either. He just wanted to take a turn pinning the moose's tail. Not surprisingly, it was only minutes before everyone lost interest.

The most exciting part of the game involved wearing antlers, which we wore in lieu of party hats.

Thanks for moosing around with us, Easthams!

A birthday hug for Papa Bo.

Aunt Ann is expecting our family's first baby girl this week. We can hardly wait!

Friday, April 20, 2012

We are Shaws. Hear us roar.

Wade did it. We have a slide. Ladders. Two swings. We would have a third swing, but we're short one bolt. Nothing a weekend trip to Lowe's can't fix.

The boys are in love.

Henry was glued to the double swing. Sometimes he would swing. Other times he just sat and admired his "giant tent".

Very confused by the green chains.

Now why do you suppose they chose green?

Sam was relieved to have a swing all to himself. The tree that used to bare the weight of Sam and his swing is also grateful.

Seriously. Another picture.

It didn't take long for Henry to figure out how to swing himself.

Thank you Mamaw and Papaw Shaw, and Grandma and Papa Ward, for donating to the fort fund for the boys' birthdays. Henry and Sam are overjoyed.

Henry's big moose party is manana. So much fun to be had this weekend! Stay tuned for moose coverage.

My husband is a rock star

It's not finished, but we're getting closer. Not only have the railings been prevent the boys from tumbling over...but there is now a rock wall and picnic table. Woot, woot to my incredible husband, who also happens to be the best daddy in the world.

Papa Ward showed up this evening (thank you, Papa!) to help with the swing set frame. My pathetic upper body was lacking the strength needed to assist.

So the insanity intensifies. Only one day left to install three ladders, the slide and three swings. Can we do it?! Pressure is on.