Saturday, March 28, 2015

Drew's Geocaching Party

One of Henry's very best friends, Drew, celebrated his 7th birthday geocaching with friends at the Botanic Garden. The weather was beautiful and Carmen thought of every detail...the boys had a blast.

Learning how to use their compass and getting a quick tutorial on geocaching. Not sure what geocaching is? Click HERE to learn more.

Armed with his compass and ready.

Discussing their coordinates and strategy.

Let the games begin!

Henry's first geocache.

Sam opted to swap his pencil for a balloon.


Still determined to blow up his balloon by himself.


Sam finally caved and let me lend him some hot air.

Sam's first geocache.

I wonder who lives here?

Trying to get a better look.

I'm so incredibly thankful for the friendships this group has sustained. The majority of these kiddos have been together since they were two or three years old. They met in Preschool II and Preschool III at the CDL. After three years together they each went their separate ways...all to different school districts and kindergarten classes. And yet they remain best friends, a pack. And every time they're together, it's as if they've never been apart. Love them so.

On his 7th birthday, Drew found his 100th geocache! Happy Birthday, Drew!

I told you, Carmen thought of everything. She outdid herself with the snack, which tied in perfectly with the theme of the day.