Friday, March 27, 2015


Better late than never, eh? I've been on a blog hiatus, but I'm back and my fingers are antsy for stories and photo posting.

This year for Halloween Henry stuck with the Star Wars theme and went with Darth Vader. Sam opted to be a dragon. Dragon wings come in one size, so we had to be creative with the extra two feet of Velcro. In the end, my baby was happy which made me happy.

Trick-or-Treat started with friends at the Foundation.

Check out this rollie pollie...cutest rollie pollie I ever saw.

Hudson had his rolling down pat!

Sasquatch was lurking in the OSUF lobby.

The closer we got to Big Foot, the more unsure Henry was that the candy was worth it...we inched our way to the first floor.

But my dragon was fearless. He was a dragon on a mission.

We finally made it to the 2nd floor.

And then, Darth Vader put on his brave face.


They work us to the bone.

We met another Darth Vader at the Murphy House!

Henry was envious of our friend's Darth Vader mask so he let us have a turn.

After Darth and Dragon made their rounds at the Foundation, they conquered the neighborhood.

Sweet Minnie who lives next door.

With any luck, I'll be posting about Thanksgiving by May.

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