Monday, December 17, 2012

O Christmas Tree

I did it again...I was too anxious to ooh and ahh at Christmas lights that I moved our family outing up one weekend. So, on the 15th, we road tripped to OKC to see Chesapeake's colored trees. And we oohed and ahhed all evening...until Sam pooped nearly 1 mile away from our vehicle, and diaper bag. Then we oohed for other reasons.

The trees were amazing. I'd like to know how many man hours went into wrapping the campus in lights.

Sam loved watching the trees change color. He would freeze mid-stride to watch the branches turn from white to blue, or red to pink.




Sunday, December 16, 2012


You think Pinocchio.

We think Pinocchio.
Yes, Henry decided to rename our Elf on the Shelf. Last year his name was Charlie (which I much prefer), and this year it's Pinocchio.

In addition to chatting with Mickey and friends, Pinocchio enjoys swinging from trees...

Chillaxin in faux evergreen...
Relaxing in marshmallow bubble baths...
Reading Christmas stories...

Toilet papering the Christmas tree...

Stay tuned to learn about more of Pinocchio's past times.
(For the record, Pinocchio does NOT get this creative every night. Most mornings Henry wakes to find him sitting on a different bed post or simply relaxing high on a shelf.)


Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Christmas Fort and Two Tiny Reindeer

This Christmas is the first year Henry and Sam have watched The Polar Express. It's been more of a hit with Henry than Sam. Mickey isn't the star in this flick, so Sam isn't that interested. Henry is convinced the Santa in The Polar Express is THE real Santa. "Mom! Look! It's the REAL Santa!", he screams.

The Christmas fort couldn't have fallen on a better night. Jodi, the boys' FAVORITE babysitter/nanny was coming to watch them the evening of the 14th, and Jodi is famous for her fort building ability. Henry and Sam were giddy the moment I read the card to them.
They even found the moose antlers left over from Henry's moose birthday party. Talk about your Christmas spirit! Never mind that their antlers were pointed the wrong direction.

Or, at times, worn around the waist.

When I said Jodi was famous for building forts, I wasn't lying...she came equipped with singing Santa lights and extension cords. The girl means business.


ADVENTures, December 9 - 12

Henry wasn't as excited about December 9 as he had been when opening a new book, or selecting a new ornament. Nevertheless, today was a good lesson on giving and the importance of thinking of others. I was proud of both the end of the day, both had selected five (ten total) toys to donate to the homeless.
Note to self, and to those of you planning to do an advent calendar in the future - Next year, do NOT pre-date advent activities. It WILL be necessary to swap activities on busy evenings.

Sam was much too fascinated with the icing...and enjoyed wiping it on EVERYTHING.


We opted for Brooklyn's, a fairly new restaurant in Stillwater. I'm a regular during the noon hour, but enjoying dinner with the entire family was a real treat.



And Henry's book -
For those who haven't read it, you should. It's best if read with a Spanish accent. Hilarious.