Saturday, December 1, 2012


A recap from a very big Halloween night...

Sam in his adorable (yes, I picked it out) owl costume. Can I get a "WHOO, WHOO"...if only he would have kept his owl beak on.

Henry had to practice his Puss In Boots moves again before trick-or-treating.
Check out that facial expression! He was very much 'in character'.
He calls this one 'Puss In Boots saves the day'.
Sam could not have cared less about being dressed long as he had his milk in hand, he was happy.
Not so for Henry. He was ALL about his costume AND the candy. Halloween might just be his favorite holiday. Except that he's been asking, "Is it Christmas yet?" since Halloween ended.
It took some major effort to get our little owl strapped in.
After a trip across town to Pete and Linda's house (our old neighbors who we ADORE), the boys got busy in our new neighborhood. Our biggest challenge was getting Sam to hit the door bell only once.
On our way to the Yellow Brick House.
One of my favorite costumes of the evening.
The cutest Mickey I've ever laid eyes on.

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