Sunday, December 9, 2012

More Christmas ADVENTures!

It took Sam less than two minutes to select his shiny glass airplane. It took Henry at least 20 minutes to select his ornament, which he describes as "half reindeer, half robot". After Hobby Lobby, we traipsed across the parking lot to the "chicken nugget place" to expend as much energy as possible (fingers crossed) before the 8:00 men's basketball game. Of course, the boys wanted to take their new ornaments with them to Chick-fil-A. And, of course, while Wade was ordering dinner for everyone, Sam decided to see how far his plane could fly...only to see it crash into a thousand pieces on Chick-fil-A tile. Sigh. At least the ornaments were 1/2 off.
We love to read at our house. So, for Christmas, the boys always receive lots of new books to fill their shelves. This year, I wrapped all of the books early and placed them in a basket under the tree. There are several advent days the boys get to 'Unwrap a new book to read'...this just happened to be the first.
Henry unwrapped "My Bear Griz", which Wade and I found during our Montana vacation. It's perfect as the boys are very into bears right now. The new movie "Brave" has a lot to do with that.
Sam unwrapped "Charlie the Ranch Dog" by Ree Drummond. This has been Henry's book of choice before bed for several nights in a row.

The boys spent Friday night with Papa and Grandma, so on Saturday afternoon, they got to pull two Christmas surprises from the calendar.

With new pajamas, a new movie on the tube, AND popcorn, it was MOVIE NIGHT at the Shaw house. What fun we had!

The new pajamas also came from Montana. Henry is slightly obsessed with moose and it was love at first sight when he opened his PJ's.

I've started catching some grief from my family for always being the photographer and never posting photos of myself. So, the below photo of Sam and I cuddling on movie night...and the fact that I'm in pajamas too, with wet hair and no makeup...should cover me for awhile.

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