Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Swing

Daddy hung our new swing from the elm tree...just in time for Henry's birthday party. The boys LOVE it.

Crazy me left our camera in Blackwell so birthday pictures will have to wait a few more days.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

I FINALLY downloaded the backlog of videos I had saved to my camera last night. Below are links to a few of our favorites...or all those under 1 minute in length. Pinkie swear.

Little Drummer Boys
Mud Puddles TAKE ONE
Mud Puddles TAKE TWO
Our New Swing

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last Friday, the boys and I hoofed it to Blackwell...thought we'd get a head start on a baby shower Saturday morning. Staying the night at Grandma and Papa's increased our chances of actually getting to the shower on time. Daddy "had" to judge a BBQ contest Saturday morning in Stillwater and sadly couldn't join us.

Because our boys are dirt magnets, baths are must haves EVERY day. We don't dare skip our baths. Even if it means bathing in Grandma's kitchen sink...and sitting our bum on wet wash clothes so we don't slide from side to side.

So that I could actually see Ashlee's precious new baby, Henry got to stay with Papa during the shower. During their one-on-one time, Papa got to change his first dirty diaper (and from a nearly 3-yr-old) and Henry got to fly his first kite!

About the dad called us in route and begged us to make a U turn and to change the diaper for him. We declined, chucking of course, and continued on our merry way.

And after he flew his new kite, Henry shed his pants and spent the rest of the morning splashing in mud. Have I mentioned our boys are dirt/mud magnets? Luckily for Henry, mud wasn't hard to find after Friday night's thunderstorms and tornadoes.

While Henry was outside splashing in mud puddles, Sam was searching for his own mischief inside as I loaded the car for our next party in OKC...sadly, we never made it to party number two.

"He, he...I just broke one of Grandma's pretties!"

"You didn't get that on camera, did you?!"

Sam has more hair than Henry ever dreamed of having at this age.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thunder Thighs

Check out those legs!

Yes, I'm really THAT strong!

And I might add...Henry wears a size 5 diaper (we're working on potty training). Sam...wears a size 4. Yes. Very true.

Watching the neighbor's cat dig in the flower bed

Silly kitty

Working on building those muscles!

Could it be that we may actually have a blue-eyed blond/slightly auburn child?!


Being 100% toothless hasn't stopped Sam from trying new foods. Last week he snuck an asparagus spear from the kitchen table and enjoyed every last slimy bite.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Arm Wrestling for Daddy's Chair

Last Sunday, Sam (with mom's help) decided to invade Henry's space in daddy's recliner. I desperately wanted to snap a few pictures before church, but the boys just wouldn't cooperate. Why am I not surprised...

This is your space over here

Poor Sam. He thought his brother was giving hugs, not explaining boundaries.

Sam, inching his way back

Ha, ha. Henry doesn't have a clue I'm back in his "space"

Oh yes he does. Just look at those faces. And it's only the beginning.

Unwinding at the end of a long day