Sunday, July 17, 2011

Independence Day

It hasn't always been a tradition, but over the last decade...give or take a few years...the Riselings (and now Wards) have had mini family reunions on the 4th. Afternoons are spent in the water and evenings are spent on mom and dad's back porch grilling burgers and lighting fire crackers. (Mornings are best spent sleeping in or lounging on the back porch in pajamas.)

This year was extra special. The entire Riseling clan (well, at least the aunts and uncles) were in Blackwell at some point, AND the Ward clan came too. It was double the fun, double the swimming, double the name, we had double. Even double cousins!

Aunt Susan, Omar and their vino

Unlike the sleeping majority, Susan and Omar woke bright and early Sunday morning to "enjoy" a 30+ mile bike ride. I suppose they earned their wine that night.

What Wade truly thinks of his inlaws

Adorable Caitlin, Craig's girlfriend. We LOVE her, Craig. Hint, hint.

These two were inseparable. Henry thought everything Miranda did was the COOLEST THING EVER. He was her shadow the entire weekend.

Whilst taking a break from his marshmallows

My double cousins, Mollie and Craig

Ann and her hubster

A rainbow...after the surprise (and much needed) mid-afternoon shower

Sam thought the rainbow was made him smile

Mi madre y mi padre

Miranda and her shadow

The happy couple

Ornery doing a pickle dance...have you ever seen someone so excited about pickles?!

Aunt Mollie and Uncle Rob drove all the way from Austin, TX to join us. And we're so glad they did.

Awake from his nap and anxious to join the gang outside

Trouble. Love the expressions from Omar and Craig.

Just happy to be outside and enjoying the cloud cover

The doubles

The doubles (sans Mollie) in 2009

Henry in 2009. 14 months old.

More of the newly weds

Playing with what little hair Larry has left.

He really has a hard time being serious

Sweet Miranda

Uncle Larry and Sam telling secrets about Papa

Bright eyed and bushy tailed

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Roast for Sid

For Father's Day, I told Sid that I would make him whatever he wanted for dinner and dessert. Good thing he picked roast...something I've come close to mastering. Unfortunately, the cherry pie that followed wasn't my best, but we ate it anyway. We couldn't let a homemade cherry pie go to waste. Even a mediocre cherry pie.

After dinner, Sid and the boys enjoyed some quality time on the living room carpet. Sam absolutely LOVES his Sesame Street music toy thingamajig. It makes him smile each and every time we pull it out.

Henry was much too intent on his Rescue Heroes to even notice Sam's elation to Sesame Street