Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish...

Brown fish, blonde fish. This one has a water car. Say, what big fish they are! (lame, I know)

When they're not in "Happy's Pond" (what Henry calls her swimming pool), they're begging for me to put them in the tub. My fingers are staying nice and prune-like this summer.

Sam makes quite a wake in his waverunner...he's takes the water very seriously

With his life jacket on, Henry is fearless in the water

When the heat exceeds 100 degrees...oh, wait. It's done that for the last 15+ days! We like to retreat to the tub.

And instead of sun screen we smear Grandma's mashed potatoes over our nose and cheeks...nothing like swimming with dinner remnants floating in the water.

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