Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ode to Jessi

We first met Jessica at Chapman Childcare - Henry's first introduction to "daycare" in August 2009. We'd had a WONDERFUL nanny (you know who you are) up until that time and transitioning to childcare was difficult for mom...I'm quite certain it was much harder for me than it ever was for Henry. After three dreadful days and sleepless nights at Place A, we were blessed with an opportunity to attend Place B...otherwise known as Chapman. It was divine intervention. I went to visit Chapman in tears...very unhappy to leave Henry at Place A. Again, we'd only been there three days, but my gut was in knots. And you know the saying..."trust your gut"...well, my gut was telling me to get Henry the heck out of there! So, prepared to take every vacation day I had available until I found a good, wholesome Place B, I went on a mad search and was determined to find the best place for our little boy. That's when Chapman happened. I went to visit and when asked why we were looking to move our son to another childcare, I burst into tears. It wasn't minutes later that Mrs. Chapman received a phone call. And suddenly, the already full to maximum capacity childcare had an opening. Thank you, Jesus.

Henry started Chapman the very next day and soon after we met Jessica, who quickly became a favorite of Henry's. In addition to playing with Henry at Chapman, Jessica began babysitting for us that fall...once or twice a month so Wade and I could squeeze in a date night or two. Then, when Henry left Chapman to start the CDL and we simultaneously made the decision to search for a nanny for Sam, who was expected to arrive sometime in June of 2010, Jessica expressed an interest. Another answer to prayer.

Clearly, Jessica has been through much of our parenting journey with us. And now, she'll soon be experiencing her own parenting journey. No doubt she will be an excellent mother and a blessing to her baby girl. Thanks for blessing our socks off these past two years, Jessi.

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