Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Flying Aggies

Saturday morning we took the boys to watch the Flying Aggies during their annual bomb drop, which involves bags of flour and duck tape, not explosives. Although we were only spectators, you can pay to fly with a Flying Aggie and drop a "bomb" at a target on the runway. Drops are measured and whoever is closest to the target at the end of the event, WINS. It's a great opportunity to see lots of takeoffs and landings...Sam went crazy and did a happy dance for each and every plane.
Sam's happy face after learning we were going to see airplanes. The boy is obsessed with air craft. He carries a toy airplane with him practically everywhere he goes.

They've spotted the first plane...

Would you pay good money to go up in this?

Watching a drop from the was a close one!

Thank you, Flying Aggies, for making our morning spectacular! It's all we'll hear about for the next month, guaranteed.

Couch Park

Mom would have loved today...spending time with her boys at the park on a crisp Spring Break morning. No doubt she would have been chasing Sam from slide to slide, and swinging with Henry on the hammock.

And after playing hard until lunch, we opted for a picnic in the back of the CRV...which provided a nice escape from the cold wind.

(Sam was there too, he just didn't stay in one place longer than two seconds. Not even to eat. He'd grab some fruit, and then make a beeline for the slide...again...and again...and again.)

Snow Day

We don't waste snow days at the Shaw residence. The boys are itching (and begging) to go outside the moment they see snow on the ground. And, remembering what it was like to be five years-old, I strap on their snow boots and help them out the door. Thank goodness for hills in our backyard so that after my toes and fingers turn blue, I can retreat to the living room and watch them make snow angels from the comfort and warmth of our couch and fireplace.

His lips and nose were bright pink after eating snow all morning...but he continued planting his face in the white powder...I'm guessing he was somewhat numb after the first few face plants.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Science 101

We ventured to the Science Museum of Oklahoma during Christmas break. It was our first trip, and the boys loved it. So much so that we became members and have already been back twice.

Some of our favorite activities at the Science Museum include:

1) A three-story tree house and spiral slide (the world's they claim), and near Newton's Clubhouse is the oldest Oak Tree this side of the Mississippi;

2) Red Dirt Dinosaurs, which once roamed Oklahoma...and which Sam is too afraid to go near;

3) The Tinkering Garage which is full of Lego cars, race tracks, and build-it-yourself roller the Tinkering Garage, the scientific method is played out;


4) The International Gymnastics Hall of Fame. Henry and Sam both started taking gymnastics this spring and LOVE it. I love it too...they sleep incredibly after gym days;
5) Destination Space;

6) And last, but certainly not least, agriculture and John Deere TRACTORS.

Friends, if you haven't visited the Science Museum Oklahoma, it's time you GO.