Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dress Rehearsal

On Halloween Eve we decided to piece together Henry's Puss In Boots ensemble. It was the first time he'd put everything on. And once it was on, there was no taking it off. At least not until he practiced every Puss In Boots move.

This was the goal

I think we came pretty close

No, Sam wasn't Buzz Lightyear...I figured it was probably my last Halloween to actually get to pick a costume for him, so I found THE cutest little owl outfit...unfortunately, Sam wouldn't even let me get it over his head. He was much happier in his diaper and Buzz wings.

When life gives you lemons...

Trick-or-Treat week, we decided to carve pumpkins to adorn our front porch. Henry and Sam each selected a pumpkin and were assigned a 'carver'. Wade carved for Henry. I carved for Sam. Henry decided to test his dad's carving skills and selected a rather intricate spider design for his pumpkin. (This is why I opted to carve for Little Brother.) I convinced Sam to go for the run-of-the-mill ghost.

Henry chose the smaller of the two pumpkins and was obviously very pleased with his choice.

Let the carving begin

It wasn't long after Daddy cut the top off of Henry's pumpkin that it happened...a slip of the knife and Henry's eight-legged spider soon developed a case of elephantitis.
Sam was distraught. He was also very thankful Mommy had been assigned to carve his pumpkin.

"What now, Dad?"

While his heart was set on a Halloween spider, Henry was pleased with Daddy's improvisation. I mean, really...what choice did he have but to cut out the entire spider and give it Mickey Mouse ears?! Thankfully, the Mickey pumpkin was a HUGE hit...especially with Sam, Mickey's #1 Fan. 
The ghost pumpkin

Sam was simply beside himself

Monday, November 26, 2012

Over the Moon for Molly

Every fall it has become a tradition for me, my mom, and my sister to take an extended weekend trip to get an early start on our Christmas shopping, and to simply enjoy each other. This year, we added one body to our mix. The roundest, brownest, most adorable baby body your eyes have ever seen!

Check out those legs!
(Poor Molly had her baby shots before we started the weekend.)

But regardless of two sticks to the thigh, Molly was happy in the hotel Friday night.

Yes, I'm over the moon for my niece. She makes my heart swell. And yes, I have every intention of spoiling her as often and as much as possible.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Brownies make everything better

One day in October, I promised Henry brownies. Henry had stubbed his toe and told me that "brownies would make it all better." So, what choice did I have?

Determining who would get the bowl and who would get the spoon

Sam won the spoon

Henry obviously enjoyed the bowl

No hands!

He must have missed a smidgen

Desperate to make sure he didn't miss another lick

Yes, that is Sam...eating the bowl. I don't make this up, folks.

Sam practiced his shot while waiting on the oven to do its job.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oodles and Noodles of Fun

I told you about the pumpkin(less) pumpkin patch we visited, but I regrettably failed to tell our family about the other exciting adventures we had during Fall Break.

Prior to the pumpkin(less) patch, I took Henry and Sam to the Donut Shop for breakfast. It's really no surprise that the sprinkles were their favorite donut part...interesting how both gobbled up the icing and orange and white sprinkles, and then left the bottom half of the donut for later...or never.

We also ran into our good friend, Kyle E., at the donut shop. I invited Kyle to join us for breakfast. Poor...make that BRAVE, Kyle...I'm sure he hasn't experienced a breakfast quite like that. Or one quite as sticky.

On the way home from Perkins, America, Henry spotted a giant pile of leaves...so, of course, we HAD to stop and jump in them.

And after the leaves, I surprised them with a trip to the Oklahoma Wondertorium. It had been months since we were last at the Wondertorium, so it was as though everything was brand new. Henry was particularly interested in the groceries. That's my growing boy!

And, Sam...well, he was (and always is) all about milk. Our Sam won't even drink fruit juices. He's too much a fan of cow juice.

And then there were marbles. Little round balls that fit perfectly in little round mouths.

And the tree house
Sam is such a smarty pants. He isn't quite tall enough to climb the oversized steps of the tree house yet, so he spotted a giant block from across the room and improvised.
I'm not sure what this contraption is called (think enormous pinball machine), but it entertained the boys for a good 20 minutes.
And then Henry, with food still on his mind, made us sushi for lunch.
After our tummies were nice and full, there was more exploring to be done. What a fun day! If you haven't been to the Wondertorium yet, GO!