Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When life gives you lemons...

Trick-or-Treat week, we decided to carve pumpkins to adorn our front porch. Henry and Sam each selected a pumpkin and were assigned a 'carver'. Wade carved for Henry. I carved for Sam. Henry decided to test his dad's carving skills and selected a rather intricate spider design for his pumpkin. (This is why I opted to carve for Little Brother.) I convinced Sam to go for the run-of-the-mill ghost.

Henry chose the smaller of the two pumpkins and was obviously very pleased with his choice.

Let the carving begin

It wasn't long after Daddy cut the top off of Henry's pumpkin that it happened...a slip of the knife and Henry's eight-legged spider soon developed a case of elephantitis.
Sam was distraught. He was also very thankful Mommy had been assigned to carve his pumpkin.

"What now, Dad?"

While his heart was set on a Halloween spider, Henry was pleased with Daddy's improvisation. I mean, really...what choice did he have but to cut out the entire spider and give it Mickey Mouse ears?! Thankfully, the Mickey pumpkin was a HUGE hit...especially with Sam, Mickey's #1 Fan. 
The ghost pumpkin

Sam was simply beside himself

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