Saturday, November 3, 2012


Unlike the pumpkin-less pumpkin patch, one Saturday afternoon in October, our friend Abby's house was overflowing with pumpkins.

Believe it or not, this was my first pumpkin painting experience. And I couldn't imagine a more creative bunch of pumpkin painters...I was hoping their creativity would rub off on me and Henry. Sadly, it did not.

The hostess with the mostess
Our spiderman pumpkin
Of course, Henry insisted on being Puss in Boots at the party. I mean, a party really isn't complete without a sword bearing cat, right?
Hudson wasn't amused
What we didn't capture in pictures was our walk home. More than one friend offered to drive us across the street and into our neighborhood, but me, being the bright person that I am, thought it would be nice to get some fresh air and stretch our legs. Wrong. While crossing Western (the busy street seperating our home from Abby's), Henry's sacred Puss in Boots hat flew off his head...and the wind continued blowing it some 30 yards (at least) down the street. Meanwhile, it begins to rain and a strong gust of wind inverts our umbrella, which snaps and is irreparable. Once we catch up to the hat, it thunders, Henry begins to cry after seeing his beloved hat dripping with rain water, and the black pumpkin we just spent two hours painting begins to bleed all over my arms and shirt. We begin to jog, as fast as we can with a 10 pound pumpkin, broken umbrella, black arms and hands, and soggy was enough to make me want to sit down and cry too. One of those "looking back, it makes me laugh now" moments.

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Abby Fox said...

I loved reading this! I think the painting party needs to be an annual tradition. Hopefully next year your trip home won't be as crazy. :)