Sunday, November 11, 2012

With Sugar on Top

So, because I can't eat them, I thought I'd post about them...them being COOKIES. I love COOKIES. And someday, I will have them again. Or, learn how to make them without sugar. But until then, I will continue baking them for my boys, blogging about them, and of course, dreaming about them.

Round #2

I think he likes them.

Decisions, decisions...should I go for the autumn leaf or the pumpkin?

Henry just decided to take one of each.

The icing was a big hit with Sam...after two bites of cookie, he opted to forgo the cookie and skip right to the icing.

Only Sam could transfer icing from his face to his ankle.

Yes, it is true...we ate over a Drip Pan in the playroom.

Allow me to explain...a drip pan makes an excellent magnet board. We have a large one hanging in the playroom for practicing our numbers and letters. Thank you, Pinterest.


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