Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lives, Legends and Legacies

On Friday, October 19, after all work obligations were fulfilled, my boys (all three) and I partook in Walkaround. Most OSU alums describe "America's Greatest Homecoming Celebration" with one word: Walkaround. Henry and Sam LOVE the crowd and are always fascinated by the house decorations, which the Greek community spends hundreds of hours building. Kuddos to you, Greek commuity! And, thanks to a generous friend, we were even able to attend the game the following afternoon.

Sam, admiring the house decorations. Henry, admiring the lights.

Both admiring their mother

Our little rooster (we call him this because since daylight savings time, he rises at 5 AM)

Fascinated by the tiny chicken wire and tissue paper

Even the stone lions were cool at Walkaround

Sam was particularly fond of the live music. He insisted on listening to several songs by this particular band, and was in deep concentration the entire time...well, at least until he started dancing.
Henry's favorite house decoration.
(Carey - Henry said this tractor looked just like William's John Deere tractor)

What Wade likes to call a "sea of humanity"

Papa and Grandma joined us for the evening. And Henry spent most of Walkaround hand-in-hand with Papa.

My boys

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