Sunday, November 4, 2012

Paris on the Prairie

In September, I met Chicago for the first time. The 9th Annual ADRP International Conference was there this year and while I've been in the past, this year was different because the Foundation generously sent SEVEN staff. What a blessing to get to experience the conference and Chicago with such good company! We had a blast. The only thing that would have been better would have been to have Wade and the boys with me. And if I had remembered my camera! Proof that my expectations of Chicago were not that high.

Chicago isn't a place I cared too much about visiting until September. But since our trip, I've been itching to go back. I was surprised by how clean the city was, how much there was to do, and the shopping was out of this world! I'm not usually a shopper, but in Chicago, I became one. It didn't help that our hotel was a mere block from Michigan Avenue.

In the airport parking shuttle on our way home we met a lady. She explained that she had opted to take the shuttle solo because she and four of her coworkers had been together for four days and they needed a little time apart. Our group smiled and nodded as if we understood completely, but we didn't. We Cowboys willingly spent our spare time together, and I can't remember a trip where I've laughed...or ate...or shopped...more.

And now, here's a little recap of our trip...

Tuesday: Flew into Chicago. Ate tapas and drank sangria at Emilio's. Shopped the Magnificent Mile. Ate pasta at Tarantino's. Discovered I really know my flowers (or, not) and Matt has an eye for women's fashion.

Wednesday: Conferenced. Matt got his first massage. Laughed at The Second City. Discovered there IS a nice cab driver in Chicago, but following traffic rules isn't his strong suit.

Thursday: Conferenced. Saw Chicago on the Wendella boat tour. Ate Giordano's pizza. Then learned that each slice has 1,000 calories. Good heavens.
Thank goodness for iPhones...and iPhone cameras.

Wrigley Building

Trump Tower



Marina City
 Yes, those are cars you see...

330 North Wabash

Merchandise Mart
 This building used to have its own zip code. Think BIG.

Chicago Sun-Times

Where Lincoln won the Republican nomination. It was considered quite the upset at the time.


Civic Opera Building

Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower)
 Next time I'm going to the top.


333 West Wacker

 At this point our tour guide's microphone started cutting out. I don't think anyone was disappointed. He was no Vince Vaughn.

Wrigley Building...again

Chicago Tribune

Trump Tower...again

Navy Pier


I'm normally a 2 to 3 slices gal. At Giordano's, I was a half slice gal...and left feeling stuffed. Pun intended.

 (Thank you to Abby, who wrote most of the captions for me.)

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