Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Flurries

For those of you that don't know, we didn't make it to Disney in December. Up until the week of our trip, Mom was bound and determined to make it. But when push came to shove, she was just too weak. So, although we weren't in Florida, we still had a magical time with Mom at home. I took the vacation days I had originally planned to take, but spent the time in Blackwell, going through old photos and just spending time with family.
I left Blackwell Thursday evening, just before the snow storm hit Stillwater. We bundled up Friday morning and went sledding in the backyard. Henry has been watching and anxiously anticipating the next snow every day since.


This year's Thanksgiving and Christmas have been somber, but also very special. We know this holiday season will be our last with Mom. We've spent more time than usual at home (and on I-35), and telling and re-telling stories of better days and our fondest family memories. Although she was confined to the couch and her bed most of the day, that didn't stop us from laughing, sometimes crying, but always loving. I can't imagine what the holidays will be like without her.

Thanksgiving 2013

Cousin Jamie and Leo...moments before Leo threw up all over the kitchen floor and his poor momma. Family started dropping like flies later that evening and into the following day.

Fortunately for Henry and the rest of the Shaw family, we never caught the bug.

Working his dinosaur floor puzzle with his Papa.

Thankfully, Cousin Craig was there to keep us laughing. Double the cousin, double the fun.

Sam's favorite snack spot, which he revealed to Molly...so long as Sam gets the top stair. It's now her favorite spot, too.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Smashing Pumpkins

In a frantic effort to play BLOG catch up from Halloween to Christmas, before the New Year...

Public Schools can't call them Halloween parties, although we all know that's exactly what "fall parties" are...and lucky (ha) for me, both Henry and Sam's fall parties fell on the same day, just 30 minutes apart. As soon as Henry's party was over, I high-tailed it to Sam. And then the three of us reunited at the Foundation for OSUF Trick-or-Treating.

The kindergartners could pick any animal. ANY animal. They then used their creative brains to decorate their pumpkins like their chosen animal. And what animal did Henry choose? A vampire bat.

I give you, Henry's vampire bat...

Count Dracula

At the Child Development Lab, Sam enjoyed a mean game of smashing rolling pumpkins. Think bowling, but with pumpkins and toilet paper.

Our sweet friend, Reagan.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Welcome Milo

I have THE most wonderful husband in the world. After a very hard/emotional week, he surprised me by telling me I could bring this sweet abandoned kitten home the following morning! I was (and still am) overjoyed. I love you, Wade Shaw, taller than the mountains, deeper than the ocean.

On November 9, we brought Milo home. And Henry has since informed me that Milo's full name is Milo C. Jackson Shaw. Where the "C. Jackson" came from, I have no clue.

Henry LOVES Milo...almost as much as I do. Henry shared that I could be Milo's mommy, but that he got to be her daddy. He carries poor Milo from room to room. Wherever Henry goes, Milo goes too.

We took sweet Milo to the Vet the day after we brought her home. It was there we learned Milo was a girl, approximately 6 weeks old, and weighed in at a whopping 1.2 pounds. Two weeks later when we returned for her first round of shots, Milo had doubled her weight to 2.4 pounds. And yesterday, Milo had doubled her weight again! She's now over 4 pounds and growing stronger (and more feisty) by the day. I wonder if she'll be 8 pounds in another month?!?

Wade pretends not to be smitten with our kitten, but when he thinks no one is looking, I've caught him holding and even whispering sweet nothings to Milo. He even bought her a night light for her room (aka. the laundry room). You know, in case she's scared of the dark or the overhead light is too much.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Last month a dear college friend blessed our family with a gift we'll cherish forever. Thank you, Carissa. Your gift means the world.

Boys - Your Grandma loves you so much. "More than the whole outside and the whole inside," she would say. These pictures portray her love for you beautifully.

For all our prayer warriors, I have a specific prayer request between now and December 4. Mom wants more than anything to take her family to Disney World the first week of December. The trip is booked, vacation days granted, itinerary planned. Please pray specifically that Mom would have a surge of energy and health prior to our trip. For lack of a better word, please pray our week together at Disney would be nothing short of MAGICAL.