Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This year's Thanksgiving and Christmas have been somber, but also very special. We know this holiday season will be our last with Mom. We've spent more time than usual at home (and on I-35), and telling and re-telling stories of better days and our fondest family memories. Although she was confined to the couch and her bed most of the day, that didn't stop us from laughing, sometimes crying, but always loving. I can't imagine what the holidays will be like without her.

Thanksgiving 2013

Cousin Jamie and Leo...moments before Leo threw up all over the kitchen floor and his poor momma. Family started dropping like flies later that evening and into the following day.

Fortunately for Henry and the rest of the Shaw family, we never caught the bug.

Working his dinosaur floor puzzle with his Papa.

Thankfully, Cousin Craig was there to keep us laughing. Double the cousin, double the fun.

Sam's favorite snack spot, which he revealed to Molly...so long as Sam gets the top stair. It's now her favorite spot, too.

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