Sunday, September 25, 2011

Climbing trees

Just like mud and rollie pollies, all little boys gravitate to climbing trees. Henry had his eye on this particular tree all morning until I finally turned him loose to explore. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to climb it with him. And had it not been for Sam, I would have. It was truly the perfect climbing tree.

Disclosure: No children were at any time in danger of falling or breaking a limb (on the tree or themselves) during the time of climbing. Cross my heart.

steady...easy does it

wanting to climb high like brother

what was that?!

a kitty cat!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a peanut allergy???

Henry and Sam are two lucky little fellas. They've been able to attend the first two OSU football games of the season. And, thanks to some pretty sweet gift cards I had stashed for a rainy day, both got new Cowboy jerseys practically free of charge.

Wade's cousin, Deral, and his beautimous wife, Becca, came from Pampa, TX to visit us over Labor Day weekend. A friend (thank you, Belinda!) made it possible for all six of us to attend the game. It was hot. Or, in the words of Henry, "EXTREMELY hot". But we made it until almost half time. With Henry and Sam in tow, and 95+ temps, I was fearful we may not even make it through the first quarter. The best part of the game...or at least the half we saw...were the touch downs and Bullet. Every time Bullet took the field after a touch down, Sam screamed and clapped and pointed. He drew his own crowd in the stands. It was quite a sight. And little did we know, as the game progressed, Sam's little body was preparing to fight off a raging allergy...

Could it have been the quarter peanut butter sandwich he snatched out of big brother's backpack?

Could it have been the popcorn...or the popcorn oil and/or fixins?

Maybe some of the special treats he found under the bleachers?

It couldn't have been the Gerber puffs...or could it?

Henry pretends to be bashful when I pull out the camera...but we all know he loves the attention.

So, after the game we all gallivanted to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt. (We frequented Orange Leaf every evening during Deral and Becca's stay. They were HUGE fans. Watch out may be getting an Orange Leaf soon.)

After ice cream it was bath time, and soon after baths both boys passed out in bed. I wasn't far behind. Shortly after Sam went down he woke up fussy. Wade came to get me and said there was something I should see. I could tell he was concerned. When I went to Sam's crib I found my baby covered from head to toe in a rash and red welts. He little eyes and ears were swollen and only getting worse. Taking him to the ER was a no-brainer. We quickly gave Sam a quick dose of Benadryl and then whisked him away to the hospital. Thank goodness for Deral and Becca, who stayed with Henry at the house. The minute we walked in, the nurses immediately took us back. They took Sam's vitals and checked his oxygen levels...I think there was fear that his throat and airway would be next to swell. Vitals were good.

After a heavy dose of steroids, two prescriptions from the ER doctor, and two and a half hours, we left the hospital. Sam's swelling had subsided and the welts were gone. The rash was still covering his body, but that too was gone the next day. We don't have any answers yet, but we have a follow-up appointment with Sam's pediatrician this week. I'm guessing allergy testing is in Sam's future. Ugh.

The next week was the Foundation's annual family picnic. Or, this year, the family tailgate. Henry and Sam were excited to see Bullet again! The boys got to wear their new jerseys to school that Thursday since it was a Thursday night game...I caught them playing Cowboy football on our bed before we high-tailed it to the CDL.

At the picnic..."It's Pistol Pete", Henry screamed.

We didn't make it to half time this game...the boys were pumped full of energy and had way too much trouble sitting still. Even with all of the OSUF eyes and helping hands. We took our time walking back and had a jersey photo opt outside the stadium. Can you tell by Sam's expression how much he loves big brother? Ha.

Thanks for a great evening, OSUF.

Monday, September 19, 2011

the last taste of summer

Nothing beats a blue Popsicle after some good, outdoor play

Friday, September 16, 2011

mom update

Good news:  Mom's tumor is shrinking and chemo is doing its job. Hallelujah.

Bad news: Mom's cat scan last week still revealed cancer in her lymph nodes, so no surgery yet. Her doctor said two more rounds of chemo and then they'll do another scan. Counts (especially her platelets) were too low to do chemo this week, but we're all hoping for the green light next week.

Mom's spirits remain high. God is teaching us patience and to continue depending on Him. I keep reminding myself this is a marathon, not a sprint...but, UGH. I wish my heart would listen more to my brain.

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a weekend on the farm

Okay, so it's really not a farm. Not even close. But it IS in the country. And we love it.

Henry has learned to spell and write his name. We are so proud. Almost as proud as Henry is when he shouts "H-E-N-R-Y"!

His "N" needs a little work...and his "R" is backwards...but we're still SO proud.

We are also proud of the chalk lines Sam can draw. Very artistic.

Sam chillaxin on Grandmother Happy's king bed after a diaper change.

He likes to hug the bed posts. Just like I'm told his momma did when she was a little girl.