Friday, February 29, 2008

We let the cat out...

The cat is officially out of the bag. Baby Shaw's name is....drum roll...HENRY W. SHAW. We aren't sure if the "W." will be for Wade or Ward (my maiden name) yet, but at least we've narrowed it down to an initial. Wade and I have been calling him "Henry" for weeks now and it was getting harder and harder to continue calling him "Buster" in public. After letting his name slip several times we knew we couldn't wait until D-day. So, Henry it is!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Buster's Nursery

Below are pictures from Buster's nursery. Clearly I need to learn to use the flash on my camera...will try to take better pictures and post those. We still have some decorating to do, pictures and a mobile to hang, toys and swings to assemble...but we're getting closer. The colors are red, cream and brown...and the theme is Cowboy/Western...we're still working on turning the room into the Wild West.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Get Ready!

Buster is 31 weeks old today. We went for our last four week appointment (we'll begin seeing Dr. Goldsworthy every two weeks now) this morning and heard Buster's heart beating a solid 156 beats per minute. My tummy measured 30.5 cm, which is just .5 cm less than the target/average. Everything looked perfect. And then we got some exciting news - we might get to welcome Buster into the world as early as March 26! Because I'm "in the gray" for gestational diabetes, and because Wade and I were both big babies, we're going to do an ultrasound at 36 - 37 weeks to monitor Buster's size. If he's getting too big (over 9 pounds) then it's delivery time!

For those of you who haven't heard, my test last month for gestational diabetes came back positive. This meant I had to go in the following week for a four hour more extensive blood test. I had to fast, drink some EXTRA yummy glucose goo and have my blood taken on the hour for four hours straight. If two of the four tests came back positive, I would be officially diagnosed with gestational diabetes. But hallelujah! Only the last of the four tests came back positive. So, I'm not diagnosed, but still need to make some changes in my diet for the duration of ensure Buster's health and my safety during delivery. So this, coupled with genetics, could result in an early D-day.

P.S. Buster finally has a name! But I'm sworn to secrecy until his birthday...and we've been working hard on the nursery. I'll try to post pictures this weekend.