Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend at Bernie's

We feared it might be the last weekend to take a dip in Happy's pond (aka. the pool) before football season was in full force, so we day tripped to Blackwell to take full advantage of Labor Day weekend.

Family and the pool were a welcome change to cleaning and prepping for our October garage sale. Much like Weekend at Bernie's, a movie so funny (and dumb) you can't help but be happy while watching, swimming with my boys and playing all day in the sun certainly puts a smile on my face.

Weekend at Bernie's Poster

The weekend put a smile on Molly's face too

Grandma and Sam played hard

Perhaps next weekend we should make time for haircuts?

The sweetest baby girl on the planet

When he wasn't ready books with Ann, Henry spent his time and imagination with his dinosaurs

Doing what he does best

Enjoying an afternoon snack in the shade. The number of expressions Sam exhibits while consuming one fruit snack is amazing.

Lantanas - I'm planting me some of these next summer! If my mom can keep lantanas alive in 60 mph wind and 120 degree heat in Blackwell, I should have good luck with these in Stillwater.

I swear we dress him in more than diapers when in public

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Over one year ago, on August 15, 2011, Katie left this world and entered heaven's gates. September 15 was her birthday.

Our OKC Memorial Marathon relay team the morning of April 29, 2012. Thank goodness for Chris and Annie. Without their help, it would likely have taken us all day to finish.
David finished the full marathon and I know Katie had to have been proud. There was no one in the world she wanted to succeed more than David.
More of the IRUN4KT team. We had walkers, joggers, relayers, and half and full marathoners. All running for the angel we will forever know as Katie.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm Gonna Do It...

This little girl was one of our Montana highlights. She is truly one of a kind. During our visit, Matine tried desperately to talk her mom (who I also love DEARLY) into sharing her "grape juice".

We also heard bear stories, collected eggs and got a personal Matine tour of the backyard.

Brooke - Wade and I still laugh out loud every time we watch these videos.

A real, REAL little puppy

Can I try tannin?

And our favorite, I'm Gonna Do It

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dirt Rocks!

Our youngest enjoys nothing more than digging, naked, in the dirt. We are so proud.

Because we have yet to plant anything but extra dirt in our west flower bed, Sam has made camp. The flower bed has now become his special dirt clod gathering, rock throwing, rolly pollie collecting place.

If I'm lucky, I'll make out like a bandit during our October 5 and 6 garage sale and I'll actually be able to plant something other than red clay next spring. Fingers crossed. Lots of Hobby Lobby knick knacks and kid's stuff. All priced super cheap. The goal is to clear the garage and start a crape myrtle fund.

He reminds me of a monkey. Digging for insects.

Sometimes he even sits and walks on all fours.

Showing mother monkey his prized rolly pollies.


Monday, September 10, 2012

More DIY

Another July painting project, the master bedroom. I tried something seems I got bolder in my color choices with every room. I think I may have gone too far with our bedroom, but I'm slowly warming up to blue. Before it was blue, the walls were deep red and the recessed ceiling was chocolate. And while I love to dream of chocolate, it was extremely dark (I'm more of a milk chocolate fan) and we wanted to welcome more light. While the room is definitely brighter, the jury is still out regarding my color choice.

I'm hoping the blue will be less overwhelming once I get pictures on the wall and window treatments/drapes...not sure though?

I meant to snap pictures before furniture (and the elliptical that never gets used) was moved back into place.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

It's not very often we stay up past bedtime to throw rocks in the lake, but we made an exception for the blue moon. I mean, this was our last chance to see a blue moon until 2015, so how could we NOT stay up and celebrate?!

Those of you who know me won't be surprised that I actually researched our "blue moon" to understand exactly what it was. Come to find out, "blue moon" refers not to color, but to rarity. Blue moons are defined as either the fourth full moon in a season, or, more recently, as the second full moon in a month. It's the second definition that covers August's blue moon; the month's first full moon was on August 1. 

Blue moons happen because our calendar months don't precisely sync with the moon's orbit. It takes the moon 29.5 days to wax and wane from full to new to full again. With the exception of February, months are longer than that, meaning that once in a while the timing works out so there are two full moons in one month. On average, there will be 41 months that have two Full Moons in every century, so you could say that once in a Blue Moon actually means once every two-and-a-half years.

Sam studied the water long and hard before figuring out where the best place would be to plant his rock bed.

Henry was less patient and went straight for the boulders that were sure to make the biggest splash.

Admiring the moon between his throws

Sam couldn't have cared less for the moon. He was much to enthralled with the water, rocks and bugs.

Henry was convinced we'd found bear tracks

Check out that form! Cowboy football, look out...

Needless to say, this was the best blue moon EVER.

Friday, September 7, 2012