Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend at Bernie's

We feared it might be the last weekend to take a dip in Happy's pond (aka. the pool) before football season was in full force, so we day tripped to Blackwell to take full advantage of Labor Day weekend.

Family and the pool were a welcome change to cleaning and prepping for our October garage sale. Much like Weekend at Bernie's, a movie so funny (and dumb) you can't help but be happy while watching, swimming with my boys and playing all day in the sun certainly puts a smile on my face.

Weekend at Bernie's Poster

The weekend put a smile on Molly's face too

Grandma and Sam played hard

Perhaps next weekend we should make time for haircuts?

The sweetest baby girl on the planet

When he wasn't ready books with Ann, Henry spent his time and imagination with his dinosaurs

Doing what he does best

Enjoying an afternoon snack in the shade. The number of expressions Sam exhibits while consuming one fruit snack is amazing.

Lantanas - I'm planting me some of these next summer! If my mom can keep lantanas alive in 60 mph wind and 120 degree heat in Blackwell, I should have good luck with these in Stillwater.

I swear we dress him in more than diapers when in public

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