Friday, June 24, 2011

More belly laughs...

...or at least that's the effect these have on me. Thanks for the belly laughs, JD.

Soulmates. But someone in the photo isn't so sure.

The cat is thinking of entering him into some more shows.

Clearly a win-win.

These two are considered the Brangelina of the monkey world.

It wasn’t until after the happy couple had their wedding photos printed that they discovered the ghostly apparition of Great Grammy Gertie manifested in lilac and complete disapproval.

“Honey, do you think we can get one of the neighbors to take a family photo of us? I have the perfect idea! We’ll all crouch 40 feet away from the pool, in the weeds and poison ivy, and we’ll have matching towels!”

If you put on your red/blue glasses, you can encounter them in 3D!

FINALLY! A photo of girls in prom dresses holding poultry that makes total sense.

Punks in Space.

Laugh and the world laughs with you. But, exert bodily noises and you sit alone.

I no longer need my anti-depressants. This photo cured me.

Sizzle on, Bacon Brothers, sizzle on!

Rare sighting of a migrating flock of Androgynous Wedgies.

What’s more awkward, the kid who is about to bash some skulls with the ominous shadow or the mystery hand holding the football?

When you’ve got Jazz hands like this, you can afford to be a little cocky.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cancer Update

Mom had her second round of chemo on Friday, June 17. We partied like rock stars the night before – it was Sam’s 1st birthday. I can’t believe my baby boy is actually 12 months old?!

Ann stayed with mom while she was receiving treatment (taxol and cisplatin/caroplatin) at OU Medical Center, which usually takes 4 to 5 hours. Mom sleeps during most of the treatment and doesn’t begin feeling the aftermath until 24 hours later. Per Ann, she looked much better than she did after her first treatment in May. Less gray, more color. Unfortunately, nausea and vomiting continues to be an issue, although slightly better than after Round 1 of chemo.

I called last night to check in and mom and dad were at the Blackwell hospital getting fluids intravenously. Just mom, not dad. Ha. She felt much better after receiving the magic fluids and promised to go sooner next time if her nausea remains uncontrolled.

Last week we were worried her second chemo treatment would be postponed due to her low white blood cell count. Apparently your count must be 1500 in order to receive chemo. Mom was scheduled for Round 2 on Friday (6/17) and on Tuesday (6/14) her white blood cell count was 1200. She had a follow-up test on Thursday and luckily her count had recovered and was above 1500. Whew.

Her doctor recommended I.V. fluids if vomiting continues. This will help keep white blood cells elevated.

This may be more information than many of you care to know, but for our other cancer fighting and pharmacist/doctor friends, below are the nausea medications she’s tried so far –

Ativan (Lorazepam)
Phenergan (Promethazine)
And there may be others…

AND, at the recommendation of our favorite Cushing pharmacist, she will soon be trying peppermint water. Thanks, Doug!

She is loosing her hair now, but we all love her stylish new wig. The hair color and style are very similar to what she was sporting before chemo. You wouldn't know it was a wig unless she told you...or you read it on my blog.

Although not quite as upbeat as she was one month ago, mom’s spirits are still great. We’re all taking this one day at a time.

Thank you for the phone calls, texts, cards, emails and prayers. (Feel free to leave comments for mom on my blog...she'll be reading from time to time.) I will do my best to continue posting to keep you informed.

Monday, June 20, 2011

That's my Funday

It may have been Sunday for The Bangles, but Saturday was Funday for The Shaws. It was the first Saturday we've all been home in over a month and we spent it soaking up sun, heat, Zzz's and grocery shopping. It was the perfect "I don't have to Runday".

Our lazy day began in the crib.

Sam thinks his big brother is a weirdo...some days I tend to agree. Gets it from dad.

Cheek to cheek

Notice the bite marks on the bed railing. Henry had to leave his mark. Literally.

Telling secrets

Time to move this party outside!

Oh jeez this water is COLD!

What's the problem? It's not THAT cold, brother.

He's pretending to model for One Step Ahead...doesn't he make you want to go out a buy a kiddie pool?!

One of the few times he was actually still enough for me to snap a photo. We call him Lightning McQueen.

Henry thought splashing might be fun. Sam disagreed.

Handsome little devil

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our trip to Tyler

Uncle Garland and Aunt Carolina invited us to join them for a few days in Tyler, TX at a family resort/water park. The boys were in heaven. Not only did Henry and Sam have fun running around the apartment like hoodlums for three days, but they tried every pool in the entire resort and were crazy spoiled by Carolina. They loved every minute. Henry felt like a big boy hanging out with his "Cousin Ricky" and is still talking about when he might see Ricky again.

Sporting speedo goggles on loan from Carolina


When he wasn't in the water, he was dreaming about it


Sam was so happy to be on vacation with family...he soaked (literally) up every minute.


I'm sure there are more photos. The question is where? I seemed to have misplaced my camera AGAIN. When it's found, there is likely to be a part II.

Some of the highlights from our trip include:

  • Sam's first swim
  • Henry's first water slide
  • Spending time with Cousin Ricky, who grew an entire foot since Christmas
  • Having absolutely no agenda
  • Having absolutely no cell phone service (a true blessing)
  • The weather. It was perfect. High 80's, low 90's most of our stay and clear skies...perfect for swimming
  • Catching up with Garland and Carolina

Low point = loosing Henry at Barnes & Noble. Wade was busy trying to sooth Cookie Monster Sam, while I was focused on making the perfect 8 ounce bottle. In all of the commotion, Henry concluded it would be a perfect time to wander. We found him 5 minutes later (it felt like an eternity) standing outside the store talking to a stranger. STRANGER DANGER. I'm certain the man was harmless...Garland walked up on their conversation and the nice man was actually concerned Henry was outside alone. But the "what ifs" that still run through my mind are frightening. I felt like a terrible parent for the evening, but woke up the following morning and saw Henry within arms reach, and felt thankful. Very thankful.

If you've ever lost a child, do share. My parent ego could use a boost.



Our own Emeril Lagasse

...does Emeril even bake? Do you think he would approve of Sam baking brownies using a box mix?

Sam was quite disappointed when all of the baking (and licking the spoon) was over.

After we told him there would be more baking tomorrow

Savoring the last bit of brownie batter from his bottom lip

Believe it or not this is the same Sam just moments later

Hugs until next time...