Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cancer Update

Mom had her second round of chemo on Friday, June 17. We partied like rock stars the night before – it was Sam’s 1st birthday. I can’t believe my baby boy is actually 12 months old?!

Ann stayed with mom while she was receiving treatment (taxol and cisplatin/caroplatin) at OU Medical Center, which usually takes 4 to 5 hours. Mom sleeps during most of the treatment and doesn’t begin feeling the aftermath until 24 hours later. Per Ann, she looked much better than she did after her first treatment in May. Less gray, more color. Unfortunately, nausea and vomiting continues to be an issue, although slightly better than after Round 1 of chemo.

I called last night to check in and mom and dad were at the Blackwell hospital getting fluids intravenously. Just mom, not dad. Ha. She felt much better after receiving the magic fluids and promised to go sooner next time if her nausea remains uncontrolled.

Last week we were worried her second chemo treatment would be postponed due to her low white blood cell count. Apparently your count must be 1500 in order to receive chemo. Mom was scheduled for Round 2 on Friday (6/17) and on Tuesday (6/14) her white blood cell count was 1200. She had a follow-up test on Thursday and luckily her count had recovered and was above 1500. Whew.

Her doctor recommended I.V. fluids if vomiting continues. This will help keep white blood cells elevated.

This may be more information than many of you care to know, but for our other cancer fighting and pharmacist/doctor friends, below are the nausea medications she’s tried so far –

Ativan (Lorazepam)
Phenergan (Promethazine)
And there may be others…

AND, at the recommendation of our favorite Cushing pharmacist, she will soon be trying peppermint water. Thanks, Doug!

She is loosing her hair now, but we all love her stylish new wig. The hair color and style are very similar to what she was sporting before chemo. You wouldn't know it was a wig unless she told you...or you read it on my blog.

Although not quite as upbeat as she was one month ago, mom’s spirits are still great. We’re all taking this one day at a time.

Thank you for the phone calls, texts, cards, emails and prayers. (Feel free to leave comments for mom on my blog...she'll be reading from time to time.) I will do my best to continue posting to keep you informed.


Milk Maker said...

Lesa- Praying for God's healing and peace for you and and your family make your way through this time. I've always admired you and thought you were such an amazing person...I know you will beat this!
Amanda (Locke) Barefoot

Abby Fox said...

Lesa - We've only met on a few occasions but based on the caliber of daughter you've raised, I know you are an amazing woman! I will be praying for you throughout this journey, and hope the coming months hold strength and healing for you and your family. God bless.

Brooke and Peter said...

love your entire family and am praying for you all everyday ... call me if you need to talk friend!

Connie 'Klus' Klusmeyer said...

Michal...thanks so much for the update.

Lesa...darlin, I hope you know how much I love you. I've got the good Lord on speed dial 24/7 praying for your complete, speedy recovery. Hang in there hon...remember, I'm always here for you. I love ya!

Nana said...

Lesa, I asked Tony how you were doing while he was fishing a watermelon rind out of our clogged toilet.( Mr. Jude learned only how to flush in potty training class says Laura. I'm praying for you and David daily and know you will make it through this hard time. There are so many people out there lifting you up to our heavenly Father, He is faithful!
Love Bev (it will say Nana)

bethany said...

Praying for you guys!!

Ash said...

Love you Lesa. Hang in there...hopefully our treatments will become easier as they come. We are all praying for you!!!!! Love you too Mike. Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks.