Friday, June 17, 2011

Where to begin?

I know, I know...creative title, huh. So much has happened since May 13.

(You know me and my lists.)

  • I turned a year older. Ugh.
  • Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer.
  • I stopped running and started eating crap.
  • We took two trips to the OKC Zoo and became official Oklahoma Zoological Members. We have a card. Like I said, it's official.
  • We met Uncle G., Aunt C., and Cousin R. in Tyler, TX for a little vacation and a lot of swimming. I think our boys grew fins.
  • Wade turned a year older. He, he, he.
  • I started a new position at the Foundation. It was purely a lateral move from Director of Donor Relations to Director of Gift & Scholarship Administration. More on this later.
  • We've become serious about budgeting...or are attempting to at least move in that direction. We're ready for more square feet and are determined to be debt free before we upgrade.
  • Sam started school. Farewell to nannies who came to us M-F, 8-5. And hello school bells. Sam LOVES it. But we certainly miss our friends and pray they'll stay in touch.
  • I started running again and signed up to run the Dirty 30 later this summer. It's basically a 5K mud race. Should be a good time. And I get a new pair of sneakers out of the deal. Not bad.
  • Sam turned a year older. Sniffle, sniffle.
  • Potty training
Some random shenanigans in pictures from the past month:

Flying kites with Papa

At the CDL/RISE open house. Henry loved showing off his classroom and enjoyed seeing all of the critters up close and personal.

Zoo trip #2

Sam LOVED watching the sea lions swim underwater

The new elephant exhibit was AMAZING. Henry had a ball climbing on the bronze elephants at the entrance.

I think Henry would have preferred to spend his time with the bronze elephants than to waste time on the real one.

Welcome to the world, baby elephant

More to come tomorrow...

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