Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lebron or Mozart

What does Henry's future hold? Some say NBA, grandma says world famous pianist...

Slam...dunk. I mean, after all, Little Britches WAS two feet tall when born.

Move over, Ludwig van Beethoven

Or, perhaps Dale Jr...no shifter problems here!

Did you say 500 laps?!

Final laps: Henry Ward Shaw wins the battle!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Montana bound

I'll be departing Stillwater bright and early tomorrow AM to catch a flight to Bozeman, Montana. Here I come, Brooke! It will be the first time I've been away from home for more than 24 hours since April 25, 2008 - Henry's birth day. I couldn't be more excited to spend three days/nights with two of my best college friends, and Wade couldn't be more excited to have a guys week...just him, Henry and Deuter (the cat). But don't worry grandparents and cousin Ricky, to ensure you continue to get your Henry fix while I'm away, I've schedule new blogs to post each and every day. Love you all.

Happy Eating

Henry has learned to smile for the camera. Anytime he spies a camera pointed at him, he grits his teeth together, makes his favorite "MMMMMM" sound, and shows off those pearly whites. Below are several pictures of Henry practicing his smile.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


On Tuesday, our Henry gave us quite a scare. While I was at a Student Foundation meeting, Wade was watching Henry at the house...Henry had just had dinner and it was bath time - still Henry's favorite time of day. Wade put Henry in his crib so he would have free hands to run his bath water and get his toys ready. While the water was running, Wade heard crying from Henry's room...Henry had catapulted himself out of his crib, head first, onto the floor. I suppose he was so excited for his upcoming bath that he found a way up and over the crib rail. Wade said he cried for about a minute or two and then was reminded of his bath and began playing and talking as if nothing had happened. Concerned about the fall and the growing bump on Henry's head, Wade called me at work. As I was leaving the building, I realized I had missed his call and called him back to make sure everything was A-okay. When Wade told me about Henry's fall, I thought he was joking, but when he finally convinced me, I immediately called our doctor (praise Jesus for 24-hour nurses), who had a laundry list of questions...when we reached the end of her list, she instructed us to take Henry to the ER immediately. (I think it was the height he fell and the size of his goose egg that alarmed her.) We, of course, were terrified. Henry, on the other hand, was happy as a lark and talked the entire way to the hospital.

When we finally (a 15 minute wait felt like eternity) saw an ER doctor, the swelling of Henry's bump had gone up and was bright red. After examining him, the doctor ordered two x-rays to rule out a skull fracture. When I heard the words, "skull fracture", I lost it...again. Mom and dad, for every ER trip you had to make, I'm sorry. Good news - Henry is perfect. No signs of a skull fracture. We had to watch him like a hawk for the next 48 hours...we were on the look out for signs of a concussion, but Henry was sign-free. Little Britches is one tough boy.

The crib has now been lowered and sits approximately one foot off the floor. If it gets any lower, we might as well just lay the mattress on the floor and fore go the crib altogether.

For those of you praying for Henry this week, thank you...from the bottom of our hearts.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Henry LOVES to be naked. Getting a size four diaper on his little tush is becoming a frequent struggle and a two person job. He'd just prefer to go without. Perhaps this will make potty training easier, or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Wade and I also agree that it may be time to de-mobilize the crib. Otherwise, poor blue-spotted cow is going to be dinner for Henry. Notice the teeth marks on his bed rail? In addition to blue-spotted cows, our Henry also likes to pretend he is a beaver and eat wood.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crawling and into EVERYTHING

Our morning routine consists of lots of playing, a morning bottle, rice ceral and mommy's ten minute hair drying ritual. During these ten precious minutes, I gate Henry and myself in the back of the house where Henry enjoys exploring his domain. I'm always amazed at how much one little guy can get into during that short time. Daddy's cell phone, books, more books, mommy's curlers (yes, I still use hot rollers...and have never owned a curling iron...an embarrassing tidbit, but one I'm finally ready to confess)...Henry is into EVERYTHING!

(Three times I've tried to download a video of Henry exploring...third time wasn't a charm.)

At play in the AM.

Sleepy eyes

Henry found the photo album from the day he was born. He loves to hear the story about the day he entered the world...and we love telling it.