Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crawling and into EVERYTHING

Our morning routine consists of lots of playing, a morning bottle, rice ceral and mommy's ten minute hair drying ritual. During these ten precious minutes, I gate Henry and myself in the back of the house where Henry enjoys exploring his domain. I'm always amazed at how much one little guy can get into during that short time. Daddy's cell phone, books, more books, mommy's curlers (yes, I still use hot rollers...and have never owned a curling iron...an embarrassing tidbit, but one I'm finally ready to confess)...Henry is into EVERYTHING!

(Three times I've tried to download a video of Henry exploring...third time wasn't a charm.)

At play in the AM.

Sleepy eyes

Henry found the photo album from the day he was born. He loves to hear the story about the day he entered the world...and we love telling it.


Ashlee , JT. Soph, Shiloh, and Baby Tollett said...

Hey, I remember those curlers.....Henry is getting so big! I can't believe he will be one right around the corner. He's a doll. Wanna have a phone date soon?

Leesa said...

what a handsome boy!!