Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Poppy's Birthday and the GrisWARD Christmas

Before we left for the pajama party...under Aunt Susu's Christmas tree.

Henry's new Christmas PJ's lasted all of two wears. He wore them to the Polar Express, I washed them, and by the end of Poppy's birthday party, Henry had worn a hole in the right knee. And they even had reinforced knees! Good thing worn jeans is a trend.

The birthday girl. Happy birthday, Poppy!

We all wore pajamas and enjoyed brunch with family and new friends.


Birthday shenanigans.


Waiting patiently for mom and dad to bring out the cake. Naked and ready to go!

I think she likes it. Not that the face plant gives it away.

Admiring Charlie's festive tutu.

Think she'll be ornery?

Taking a quick siesta on Grandpa's shoulder...getting ready for Round #2.

They love to give each other kisses.

Better keep an eye on these two...they're already going for the wine. Must take after their Aunt Susu.

That's right. We're watching. That's 21 years, not months!

Love these two with all my heart.


A yard of bubblegum. Thanks, Madison. I'll send you Henry's dentist bill.

The newly weds. (Craig has a hard time being serious.)

The only way we could get them to sit still long enough for a photo together was to feed them. And the girls LOVE their dinner rolls.

We need more dinner rolls! The girls are on the move!

A good time was had by all. Thank you for hosting us, Susu and Madison. Poppy's party was AMAZING, and the GrisWARD Christmas did not disappoint. Love you all.