Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quack, Quack

Feeding the ducks...make that Lake Ponca.

What do you mean we're out of bread?

The men in their element

Gathering rocks

First, he lures the geese near with bread and popcorn...then, he throws rocks in their direction. Have I mentioned Henry is 100% BOY?!

Let me clarify. Henry was NOT aiming his rocks AT the birds. He just had trouble understanding why throwing rocks AROUND the birds was a bad idea.

Monday, March 21, 2011

4 AM Shenanigans

Since the onset of Sam's ear infection, it's been musical beds at the Shaw house. Sam has been sleeping with me (much easier than getting up and running to his room every 30 - 45 minutes) and Wade has been sleeping with Henry.

Then, during our road trip to and from New Mexico (Daddy was unable to join us because he had to play judge in Drumright), both boys and I bunked together. I shared a bed with a two-year-old and infant, yet somehow was only left with two feet of mattress. Within minutes, Henry managed to position himself horizontal in bed while Sam would inevitably find my pillow...and steal it.

Although I would have much rather been traveling under different circumstances, I enjoyed spending spring break with my boys...or, at least the youngest ones of the three.

Our boys love the water...the pool, Uncle Larry's hot tub, Aunt Susan's kitchen makes no difference. Get the boys wet and they're in hog heaven!

Swimming in Tucumcari

Not sure who had more fun...Henry or Papa?

Sam and Grandma enjoyed watching from the sidelines

Auntie Susan's sink

It was like his personal Sam-sized jacuzzi

Is that a jet I feel?

Ah, perfection

Armed and ready for the LONG drive home. Thanks for the shotgun, Aunt's quickly become a favorite for Henry.

And finally...crashed at Papa and Grandma's back in Oklahoma. We took naps and stretched our legs before we made our last stint to Stillwater.

Am I handsome, or what...


Let's move this party outside!

Papa and Henry throwing rocks and feeding the fish. There is no other place Henry would rather be than next to his Papa at the pond.

Sam turned nine months old on Wednesday and on Friday, started pushing himself up to the sitting position from his tummy. On Sunday...MAJOR milestone. Sam started CRAWLING! Our friends Rebecca and Kyle were there to witness the occasion. We all cheered, Sam grinned, it was a good evening. (Still no teeth)

Henry's vocabulary is growing daily and he says the darnedest things. There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't have Wade and I rolling with laughter...he's quite the comedian. Sam especially gets tickled watching his big brother at the dinner table. Watching the two of them together is so special.

I'm in serious trouble

And all of this at two years and nine months...can you imagine what it will be like in five years? I'm going to be in serious trouble.




Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub

Our favorite time of day

Dinosaurs are Cool...

and brothers are too!