Sunday, March 13, 2011

So, in the last two weeks...

1) My grandmother had open-heart surgery. She is recovering well, but we appreciate your continued prayers.
2) Sam got in to the OSU Child Development Lab - the best childcare/school in Stillwater...and not only is it the best, but this means Sam and Henry will be at the same place next year - HALLELUJAH!
3) We got a new kitchen floor.
4) Sam got admitted to the CDL early and is actually going to start "school" in June. A huge blessing as I had just begun my search for someone to watch him over the summer.
5) We learned my aunt was battling for her life in an Amarillo, Texas hospital...she fought hard, but lost the battle on Thursday.
6) Sam got an ear infection, has been teething like mad (drooling buckets), hasn't been feeling like his happy self and has been SUPER clingy to mommy. This means it's virtually impossible for me to get anything done unless I can do it one-handed and with Sam on my hip.
7) My cousin broke his femur in a snowboarding accident, was meta flighted to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and will be in the hospital for up to three days...and I might add that my grandma, aunt and cousin are all on the same side of the family. When it rains it pours, eh?
8) Tomorrow I begin my four day adventure to New Mexico with both boys...and I'll be traveling solo...pray for me.
9) I haven't been pulled over for speeding in 10+ years, and in the last two weeks have been pulled over TWICE. Thank goodness both policemen showed mercy and gave me only a warning.
10) I've been faithfully training for a relay marathon on May 1. (My leg of the race is only 3.5 miles.)
11) And after training faithfully AND drinking more water, I gained one pound. Not good, friends. Not good.

How Henry wears sunglasses

Can I take a picture?

Henry loves helping mommy in the kitchen

I'm a little brother!

Killing time before church

Yep, still waiting on big brother...

Sam played hard in Sunday School

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